Sweaty Bands Review & Giveaway – The Answer for Egg-Shaped Heads

I know I’m not the only runner out there with an egg-shaped head that can’t wear a sports bands to save her life. I’m always stuck with a hat or visor, but never one of those cute sports band to keep the my hair back sweat out of my eyes.

Then…there was the Sweaty Band! <insert church choir voices…aaahhh>

I tested out the Sweaty Band during the Charles Street 12 Miler this past weekend, and guess what? They actually stayed on! I’ve seen my friends wear them and I’ve eye-balled them at the store, but didn’t give them a chance until now and I’m so glad I did.

I had friends take snapshots of me before, during, and after the run so that you can see how the band stayed put. While there was a teeny tiny smidgen of movement, it did better than anything else I’ve tried. The soft velvet fabric kept it in place while keeping the sweat out of my eyes.


Sweaty bands comes in different widths (3/8″ to 1.5″) and a bazillion different colors and patterns. You can also customize your sweaty bands on their website: http://www.sweatybands.com.

Prices range from $8 – $18 and you can find them on their website or at a store near you.

Check it out! Sweaty Bands sent an extra one as a giveaway! Yay Sweaty Band!



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13 thoughts on “Sweaty Bands Review & Giveaway – The Answer for Egg-Shaped Heads

  1. Thank you for this review! Regular headbands just don’t work for me and annoy me as the slide off 2 min in. I’ve been tempted to try these, but price point deterred me. I will definitely try one now! Thanks!

  2. Egg heads? I resemble that. Every time I wear a head band, about mid way through my run it shoots off the back of my head. I’m surprised it hasn’t hit anyone behind me in the face. Would love to try one.

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