Runners Inspiring Runners

2/14/14 – Runners Inspiring Runners – Georgene – I can’t say enough nice things about Georgene. I met Georgene through a mutual friend in our Charm City Run training group. She welcomed me with open, caring arms and I knew that I just added another sole sister to my running family. Georgene’s story has inspired so many in our training group and when you read it, you’ll understand why. Georgene is a fighter and a survivor. She is genuine and she will go out of her way to be there for you when you need her. Click on the picture for more.


2/9/14 – Runners Inspiring Runners – Katy C. – It’s funny, but I knew of Katy long before I actually met Katy. We had a mutual friend so I would hear about her and sometimes see her in passing at races. When we finally met, I liked her in an instant. I love her perseverance and her unrelenting determination. I was so impressed and SO PROUD when she knocked of 41 minutes off of her personal marathon best in one training season! 41 MINUTES!!!! Unbelievable! How can you not be inspired by that?! I knew instantly she was an inspiring runner and I had to include her in my RIR series. Click on the picture for more.


1/9/14 – Runners Inspiring Runners – Bernadette R. – This runner is particularly special to me. She is the one that got me hooked on running, she is my running mama. I’ve known Bern for several years before we started running together. I remember when she started on her road to healthy living. I kid you not when I say, she now looks 20 years younger than she did just 10 years ago. I watch her transform herself into an entirely new person with new found confidence and beauty. I remember the time when she told me that she just finished a 14 mile run in the rain. I have to admit it, I didn’t believe it. How can this person run 14 miles and why the hell would she do it in the rain? When it came to a point when I could no longer practice Krav Maga because of shoulder impingement, she suggested that we go out on a run together. Now, I’ve ran on the treadmill before, but never on the road. I almost puked at mile one during our first run. I wasn’t immediately hooked, but she kept encouraging me until the running bug bit me. From there, I was in Forest Gump mode. She believed in me and because she did, she showed me a new passion and changed my life. She inspired me then and continues to inspire me now. I adore her. Click on the picture for more.


1/8/14 – Runners Inspiring Runners – Nyree Slatter (Australia) – I saw Nyree’s profile on one of the Facebook pages that I follow and I was instantly inspired by her determination and her accomplishments in living a healthy lifestyle. I knew she just HAD to be a part of my Runners Inspiring Runners series. Click on the picture for more.


1/7/14 – Carrie Holmes – I remember meeting Carrie for the first time when I joined the Charm City Run marathon training group. It was at a water stop during a training run, it was hot, and I was tired. Her first words to me were words of encouragement, “you got this.”  Her beautiful friendly smile and the intensity in her eyes convinced me, yeah, I got this. I’ve always seen Carrie as the cheerleader of the group. She’ll ask  us how we’re feeling at water stops, shout out words of encouragement as she passes us along the route, or give us a quick thumbs up. She has inspired so many runners and she didn’t even know it. We talk about how amazing she is and how she’s progressed with each training session…yeah Carrie, we talk about you 🙂 Click on the picture for more.

carrie 2

1/6/14 – Runners Inspiring Runners – Ashley – Chocolate Covered Race Medals  – I found Ashley through one of her blogs. She has inspired so many with her running and healthy living lifestyle. Not only is she inspiring, she’s witty, funny, and her blog is a great read. Click on the picture for more.


1/5/14 – Runners Inspiring Runners – Chandra Sullivan – It’s been a little while since I interviewed someone for my Runners Inspiring Runners series, but this week, I will be posting an interview every day through Friday. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Chandra Sullivan. I saw her before and after picture online and read about her recent accomplishments and immediately thought about Runners Inspiring Runners. I just had to interview her! Click on the picture for more.

Chandra before and after

10/9/13 – Runners Inspiring Runners – John Shafer – One of the most inspiring runners to me is my personal trainer, who also coached me for my first half marathon with Charm City Run. When John runs, you can’t help but be in awe of his form and grace. Not only is he a great runner, he is humble and genuine. He’s a constant coach even while he’s running a marathon, checking in on runners when they’re not looking so good and giving them a pep talk to help them push through the wall. John turned to running after living a very unhealthy lifestyle that was taking him down a dark road that wasn’t going to end well. He now helps people by coaching half and full marathon groups and also with personal training. Click on the picture for more.

9/12/13 – Runners Inspiring Runners – Kevin – Athletes Serving Athletes – Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of running the NFL Kickoff 5K in Baltimore with Athletes Serving Athletes as a Wingman. I was originally paired with Ryan, who was unable to attend, so I was paired up with Kevin instead. It was an amazing experience! Team Kevin consisted of me, Kim, and our Team Captain (I think Doug was his name) and Kim and I took turns as Wingmen as we ran the 5K course around M&T Bank Stadium and on to the 50 yard line. Click on the picture for more.
ASA Collage

8/20/13 – Runners Inspiring Runners – Jamie Hart – There things happen in your life or people you meet who have survived tragedies that make you grateful for all that you have. Today, I am grateful, very grateful. This week I met someone who survived an amazing tragedy and guess what…he’s still running. I’d like to introduce you to Jamie Hart. Less than 3 years ago, he survived a gunshot wound to the head, lost his eye and endured 8 reconstructive surgeries, including a peek implant. In his journey to recovery, he rediscovered running and said to me, “Strangely I don’t know if I would take my pain/journey back since I have rediscovered running and the joy to test one’s limits.” Click on the picture for more.


8/15/13 – Runners Inspiring Runners – Gelcys aka Cheetah – Did I tell you how much I love doing my Runners Inspiring Runners series?! While reading other running blogs, I came across Runner Unleashed. Immediately I was drawn into her story. I had planned on sending my typical amateurish interview questions, but that wouldn’t do her justice. Her story must be told in her own words, in her own way. Click on the picture for more.


8/5/13 – Runners Inspiring Runners – Krissy Schintgen – So far my Runners Inspiring Runners series have been about runners that I personally know. As my reader-base grows, I’m meeting more and more runners and am inspired by their stories. I’d like to introduce you to one of my readers who has a very inspiring story, Krissy Schintgen, who started running despite suffering two strokes. Click on the picture for more.


7/11/13 – Runners Inspiring Runners – Conor Joyce Peak Ultra 100 – During the last 18 months of my running career, I have met some of the most amazing people who just so happens to share the same passion in running. One of them is Conor Joyce. A friend of mine and I joined a Florida Keys Ragnar team at the last minute this past January and that where I met him, in his hot pink hot pants (I kid you not). The Florida Keys Ragnar is a 197 mile relay race from Miami, FL to Key West, FL (if you ever have a chance to do this race, DO IT!). Conor volunteered to run with me during my night run and help pace me. He was great company and actually helped do a personal best! Click on the picture for more.


6/30/13 – Runners Inspiring Runners – Becky C. – What inspires me to run are other runners. When I watch friends discover the sport of running and reach milestones like their first mile without stopping, or finishing a 5 K, or best yet, conquering that insane hill without passing out, it makes me happy. The excitement and thrill of achieving something they never thought was possible is infectious and you feel that flutter in your belly as if you were the one who just achieved it. Today I had the pleasure of running with an old high school friend who just discovered running. I watched her run that dang ol’ hill at Loch Raven without passing out and reach her farthest distance of 3.5 miles! And it was AWESOME! Click on the picture for more.


6/28/13 – Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K 2013 – Meghan & Team Fancy Nancy – This past Sunday I had the honor of running the Baltimore Women’s Classic on team Fancy Nancy with a dear friend of mine, Meghan. The team was formed in honor of her mother, Nancy, who is a 5 year cancer survivor. Initially, I wanted to find out how she got involved with the BWC, but I ended up finding out more about how she became a runner. Click on the picture for more.


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