MCM Training – Week 13 Tempo Run (The Confidence Builder)

Yesterday morning I headed out early with a goal of 7 – 8 miles with a couple of running buddies. Right at the 6 mile point, I felt a twinge in my calf right where it was injured previously, so we stopped and walked back about a mile to our cars.

Believe it or not, I was fine with it. For me, it was a tough run with hills and after looking at my times, I’m pleased. I guess when you’re running with folks who are faster, you have no choice but to speed up and yesterday’s run definitely showed a slight increase in my speed. I’m also not worried about my calf. I think I took the hills on a little too strong and I wasn’t wearing my compression sleeve. I’ll need to remember to wear it during tomorrow’s long run.

Our stats:

  1. 10:48
  2. 10:49
  3. 11:06
  4. 10:43
  5. 11:01
  6. 11:21 (may have been better if I remembered to stop my Garmin)


When I look at the breakdown, I realize that I didn’t really run a true tempo run, but I’ll take it anyway. Next week I’ll try and be more conscious of my pace. All in all, I felt pretty good yesterday and I’m starting to get my confidence back. I think I’m moving in the right direction and I can’t ask for more than that.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s long run of 18 miles. I just hope my stomach holds up. Apparently, the Greek yogurt I had just a little while ago was expired. I just hope that if it comes back to haunt me, it does it sometime today and not tomorrow during the long run.

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