Is Running Like a Passionate Relationship?

You know when you first fall in love and you have those googly eyes and butterflies in your stomach? Everything revolves around your love and your spirit and soul feel so alive. When you think about this love, it’s an instant lift in your heart, an impromptu smile in your face, or a deep satisfying breath. When you first started running, did you feel this way about it or is it just me?

And just like a passionate relationship, you have moments when you hate it and you fight with every step, argue with every ache, or cry with every bad run. Then you go back try it again and fall in love once more and everything is right with the world. Does this back and forth ever end? Am I the only one who feels this way? Is it because I’m less than two years in to the running game and 10 years from now it’ll just be ho-hum? There are days when I love and adore running and there are days when I think to myself, “Seriously…you want to run?” Most days, I adore it, but will that ever stop?

And when you are injured, it’s like a bad break up and you long for what you can’t have and it breaks your heart. It breaks your heart when your friends are injured and can’t run, as if they just lost the love of their life. Or when you introduce your friend to the sport of running, like a blind date, and you see them fall in love and you see their passion grow and if fills you up because you started that relationship.

Is it me or is running like a passionate relationship?


6 thoughts on “Is Running Like a Passionate Relationship?

  1. I hate running on more days than I love it right now and that might have something to do with the integration of CrossFit 2-4 days a week and the steady wasted leg feeling… long run days are the worst… but race days… race days remind me why I do what I do and keep me moving. 🙂

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