PlowOn Energy Gum – Review and Giveaway

I am a caffeine addict. Plain and simple. I need my caffeine and I LOVE my caffeine. I also consume energy drinks, both the full sized cans and the 5-hour energy shots, and in the past, taken energy pills such as Hydroxycut and the like. Yes, I know I’ve got some all-natural, organic only readers, but please understand that caffeine is my vice and I hope you forgive me for my weakness. Now, with all the bad hype about the pills, I’ve stopped taking those and frankly, the energy drinks are too expensive and have way too many chemicals that I decided to give them up too. Which leaves me with coffee as my only source for caffeine, or caffeinated GU’s during runs. Then, I discovered PlowOn Energy Gum!

I was first introduced to PlowOn at the Baltimore Running Festival. I was given a sample and within minutes, I was alert and ready to go. Yes! A new source of energy! I remember the first time I tried it, I wasn’t crazy about the taste as it doesn’t taste like your regular chewing gum. It’s not bad, but it is a little bitter at first and takes a little chewing for that bitterness to subside. It’s an acquired taste and I’ve grown to enjoy it.  When I sat down to speak with the owner of the company, he said that the reason they developed it to be a little bitter was so that if a child were to get a hold of it, they would spit it out. Makes sense to me! I also noticed that I could feel my energy kick in very quickly. Because the caffeine is absorbed sub-lingual, it works faster than caffeinated drinks.

When I ran MCM and was out of energy at mile 23, I popped in a PlowOn gum. It definitely put a kick to my step and helped me push through that difficult mile of the marathon, the only problem is, I wish I had more water with me. I was in between water stops and my bottles were empty and I wasn’t prepared for the extra spit in my mouth from chewing the gum. Going forward, I make sure I drink water when I PlowOn.

While PlowOn gum is marketed towards endurance athletes, I’ve also chewed PlowOn at the office, especially when I get the “2:00 sleepies” and am drained from meetings. I’ve got the folks at the office hooked too. What I like is that I’m not walking around with coffee breath. I don’t know about you, but while I do love my coffee, I think coffee breath is horrid. Another thing I like about chewing PlowOn at work is that I’m not consuming the extra calories from the cream and sugar that I normally put in my coffee.

PlowOn Energy Gum comes in a foil packet contained 5 “candy-coated” pieces of spearmint gum. The key ingredients are: Caffeine 100mg, Taurine 10mg, Green Tea Extract 5mg, and Ginseng 5mg.


It is formulated to help boost metabolism and enhance your performance in high-intensity exercises.  PlowOn provided the following chart comparing their gum to coffee or an energy drink:

PlowOn Coffee/Energy Drink
Servings 1 piece 16 fl. Oz
Starts to work in 2 – 5 min. 15 – 20 min.
Caffeine 100 mg. 80 – 240+ mg.
Calories 10 cal. 40 – 400+ cal.
Carbs 2 g 1 – 108+ g
Sugar 2 g 0 – 104+ g
Crash NO YES
Cost Comparison 1 pack (5 pieces) $2.99 5 cubs or cans $15 or more

So, what’ the verdict? Would I recommend PlowOn? Yes!

Click on the link below for the PlowOn Energy Gum Giveway! I will select 5 winners to receive 1 pack of PlowOn gum.

PlowOn Energy Gum Giveaway

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