Friday Tip of the Week – Running Calf Strength Exercise: Ankling Drills

Ever since I injured my calf this past summer, I’ve been very careful about not injuring it again. I wear a compression sleeve during races and long training runs, and I make sure that I stretch them and warm them up before running. It occurred to me that I probably do some exercises to increase and develop strength in my calves too. I found this very simple exercise on Kinetic Revolution, one of my go to sites for running advice, and thought I’d share their Ankling Drills Exercise.

James Dune from Kinetic Revolution states,  “In addition to being a great calf strengthening drill. The lifting component of the exercise, pulling the foot actively up into dorsiflexion (pulling toes up towards shin) develops strength in Tibialis Anterior – another big player in lower leg muscular imbalances.”

Sounds good to me! I’m going to give it a try.

2 thoughts on “Friday Tip of the Week – Running Calf Strength Exercise: Ankling Drills

  1. I agree – I’m putting together a collection of “rehab” exercises as I try to get my groove back for the Houston Marathon in January. Thanks for the tip!

    It’s your tips, and the inspiration you provide, among other things, that led me to nominate you for a Sunshine Award. If you haven’t gotten the notice, stop by my blog and check it out – you deserve it!

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