Stubborn, Stupid, or Simply Staying Sane?

So this morning I woke up feeling like a million bucks. Decided to go to the gym for a light workout to get the body moving. I had it all planned in my head. Weights today, a bazillion planks, and a couple of easy glute exercises. Then tomorrow, I was going to go for an easy run, maybe walk, maybe walk run, maybe hit the trails, maybe walk and run on the trails. And Sunday I was going to test drive my body and go for a real run on the trails…short, not long, but enough to shake out the staleness of a stiff body.

It’s been a week and a few days since I came down with that nasty virus infection and my body fought it off on it’s own. Who needs antibiotics when you have tiger blood running through your veins? And yes, I “rested.” I mean, I didn’t run or go to yoga or hit the gym. I only went for a couple of short 3 mile walks to keep me sane. And even though I didn’t take the several days off of work per the doctors suggestion, I didn’t do anything strenuous. I sit at a desk…no need to take off of work. Besides, this is as “at rest” as I can be. Any more rested and I’ll be in a coma.

Am I stubborn for not following protocol 100% or am I just plain stupid? Perhaps a little bit of both, but I think it’s mostly just trying to stay sane. When you are used to going a million miles a minutes, slowing down is not an option. In someways, it’s almost like death. My body moves as fast (well…I’m not fast) as my brain. I’m slightly A.D.D. (I can hear my friends say “slightly is an understatement” and my brain is constantly going a million miles a minute. The noise in my head can be deafening. Even when I sleep, it’s loud up in that noggin of mine.

But running stops that. It calms my brain and brings everything into focus. Clarity.

So when you tell me to “rest” it does a body good, maybe it does. But it hurts my head and while my body is sitting here doing absolutely nothing, my head is SCREAMING. My doctor will have to forgive me for the little bit of activity that I have had this week. Really, it’s only a teeny, tiny bit of activity, but my body needs to get its shit together and get be back out on the trails. Otherwise, my head will explode.

So when you tell me that I’m being stubborn or it’s stupid not to rest 100%, please realize, I’m simply trying to stay sane.

Anyone else feel the same way?


7 thoughts on “Stubborn, Stupid, or Simply Staying Sane?

  1. I was speaking with a cop last night and he told me that if he doesn’t get out to run every three days, he takes off work! WHAT?! He said he must run – so hey, I hear ya. You know your body best – listen to it. If you are pushing it too hard, you know where you’ll end up being, on the couch! Take it easiER and push yourself when ready. No, you’re not stupid or stubborn just testing the waters 😉

  2. Oy, yes. I totally understand. It’s funny I just read this after I posted today on being super busy and putting myself in timeout lol at the end of the day your body is yours and ultimately you know what’s best for it. And sanity is part of that!

  3. Oh my, hearing you loud and clear. Today my mother found out my marathons were turning into ultras…my first this Oct., she asked, “What? Are you crazy?” Crazy to live life, I guess.

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