Weekend of Rest Can Make the Mind Go Numb

Well, the title says it all. I tried to make the best out of the weekend and I guess it wasn’t really that bad, but boy did I really miss my long run. I went out for a short 3 mile stroll along the NCR with my husband and watched all the runners come and go, then I napped and napped some more. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be laid up for weeks upon weeks. My husband was laid up for 4 months after he tore his pec completely off while weight training. It drove him insane and I can see why. It’s not that I’m not able to do anything, it’s that I’m not able to do what I WANT to do. Ok, enough about my whining…I really don’t deserve it. I’m just being a brat and I apologize. I really am grateful that I’ll be out there really soon. Really, I am!!!

OOOH! I created a Runners Inspiring Runners page on my blog so that the stories are easy to locate on one page. I have an amazing story to tell later this week!!! It’s a must read! It actually makes me ashamed of my little rant just now.

Tomorrow is weight training and the recumbent bike. The weight training I love, the recumbent bike…eh…but I gotta keep the legs moving. What do you do when you’re unable to run?


2 thoughts on “Weekend of Rest Can Make the Mind Go Numb

  1. I’m battling a pulled groin muscle at the moment, and not being able to run is killing me. Did I mention I’m only on day 2 of no exercise? I’ve still been getting out and walking so my head doesn’t expolde.

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