Runners Inspiring Runners – Becky C.

Today’s recovery run at Loch Raven was just ridiculously humid. So humid, that even my camera couldn’t focus on the picture I took below. If this is a sign of what kind of summer we have to look forward to, I may just have to move to Connecticut. I’m dreading the 15 – 20 mile training runs in the city. Guess we’ll have to start at 5am soon <sigh>.

What inspires me to run are other runners. When I watch friends discover the sport of running and reach milestones like their first mile without stopping, or finishing a 5 K, or best yet, conquering that insane hill without passing out, it makes me happy. The excitement and thrill of achieving something they never thought was possible is infectious and you feel that flutter in your belly as if you were the one who just achieved it. Today I had the pleasure of running with an old high school friend who just discovered running. I watched her run that dang ol’ hill at Loch Raven without passing out and reach her farthest distance of 3.5 miles! And it was AWESOME!

Becky has recently undergone an amazing transformation. She is taking charge of living a healthy lifestyle. Below is our interview.

Me: When did you decide to make healthy changes in your lifestyle?

Becky: Back in January 2013 when we started the Biggest Loser competition at work. (I’m a bit competitive so this was the perfect jolt I needed)

Me: What did you to do put the change in motion?

Becky: I started using to track calories, started using treadmill at home, began going to Pilates/yoga classes on Monday’s and Wednesday’s at lunch time, and stopped eating after dinner!

Me: Why did you start running?

Becky: Treadmill got old very fast PLUS I love being outdoors, so when the weather warmed up, I headed outside to the track and then to the street!

Me: How much weight have you lost so far?

Becky: So far I have lost a total of 42 pounds (I still weigh in every Friday, even though the Biggest Loser competition is over) – BTW, I placed 4th out of 38 people (and was the only girl in the TOP 5)!

Me: What are your running goals?

Becky: First ever goal was to run 1 mile on the track without stopping. I couldn’t even do this in high school when I played lacrosse. I finally did it when I went for a quick run on Mother’s Day 2013 – Great gift to myself! Next goal was to finish a 5K, without stopping and just did that last Sunday, June 23rd! Next, more 5, 7, 10k’s and eventually a half marathon in the Spring or Fall of 2014. Also would like to lose another 10 pounds within the next 2 months.

Me: Tell me the hardest challenge you have had to face so far?  

Becky: Believing if I did it once (running 3.25 miles without stopping), that I can actually do it again (maybe even faster)! Plus, I’m always everyone’s biggest cheerleader but I think I need to apply that to myself when running – and/or wear headphones to block out all of the silly things I say to myself when running, like: I’m tired, Why am I doing this again? What can I eat when I’m finished? I feel heavy and know I look funny with all my giggly stuff bouncing everywhere. My shoe is untied and I’m going to trip if I don’t stop, but don’t stop cause you’ll mess up your time. Am I breathing properly?, etc. etc.  LOL!

Me: Tell me the funniest thing that has happened to you so far during your transformation?

Becky: Closing my eyes on the treadmill at a the gym for just one quick second and sliding off the back without realizing it…flailing around trying to grab a hold of anything (looking like a lunatic, I’m sure) so I could to catch myself before busting my face open, as my daughter (and everyone else, I’m sure) watched through tears of laughter!

Me: What did you accomplish that you thought was never possible?

Becky: Running. Period. I’ve already had two knee surgeries and just never thought I’d ever be able to run, at all. Although I’m slow, I’m doing it and know I’ll get better and fast with time! 😉

Me: What advice would you give to a newbie?

Becky: BELIEVE in yourself and keep setting new (and realistic) goals! Keep pushing forward and remember that even if you have a bad day, you can restart TOMORROW!  Don’t give UP! Some effort, even if a little, is better than none; plus, it’ll make you feel so much better!

As you follow me through my journey of conquering my second marathon, I want to also share experiences of other runners, both new and the elite. The running community is a strong one and I want to give as much support as I can. I’m so proud of Becky for all of her achievements and I can’t wait to witness more achievements to come!


7 thoughts on “Runners Inspiring Runners – Becky C.

  1. oh rebekah! you’re FAMOUS! i am so proud of you. just always remember, you’re lapping all those people sitting on the couch.

    also. the miracle isn’t that you finished. it’s that you had the courage to start at all.

  2. Aw, thank you for your kind words, Lan! I’m so thankful for wonderful friends who provide me with such amazing support and motivation!

  3. UPDTAE: It took a little longer than two months (but still shy of three months)…I finally reached my goal set on June 30th of losing another 10 pounds!!! 🙂

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