White Marsh 4 Miler – She did it!

Today I ran with my sister in her first race ever! It was a perfect day for a race! No humidity, crisp air, and just the right mixtures of sun and clouds. We got there early since we didn’t know what to expect with parking and wanted enough time to warm up. We did the White Marsh 4 Miler and she nailed it. She ran the whole thing without stopping and I’m so proud of her as she only started training a couple of weeks ago. Talk about overachiever!


The White Marsh 4 Miler was what I consider a “micro-race.” I don’t know how many people registered, but I think there were maybe 70 – 80 participants.


It was perfect course and race for someone’s first time. And while I was keeping pace with my sister and coaching her when I thought she needed it, there was a part of me that really wanted to blow this one out of the water. I really think I could’ve placed! But, it wasn’t about me. It was about my sister and getting her to the finish line.


The race started with a Kids Run, followed by the High Heel race. I really wanted to do the high heel race, but it would be stupid of me to do something this risky just weeks before Marine Corp.

Our stats:

Mile 1 – 11:10
Mile 2 – 11:47
Mile 3 – 11:54
Mile 4 – 12:03


Not too shabby considering she just started a couple of weeks ago. While we were running side by side, I remember glancing at her for a moment and saw the determination and concentration in her face. She was going to finish this no matter what. When I wanted to push her a little harder towards the end, she said no…I need to save my energy so I can finish (smart girl!).


Then it was time. The finish line was straight ahead and it was time for her to gun it and leave me in her dust.


We were greeted at the finish line by my friend who got me running. It’s funny, I consider this picture 3 generations of running. She got me started, then I got my sister started. Running is contagious!


I’m so proud of my sister for such an accomplishment. She set her goal, had the drive, and did it. Job well done!

Next run – Tomorrow, 17 miles.

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