Just Call Me Joe (Philadelphia Marathon Recap – Part 1)

I hate to break this up into two parts, but there’s just so much to write. And if you have a short span of attention like me, you would probably stop half way through any way, so there it is, Part 1 of 2 of the Philadelphia Marathon Recap.

Earlier this week when I told people that I just ran a marathon, they assumed I was talking about Marine Corps. When I say, “No, I just ran Philly.” I get the “Wha-whaaat??” Call us crazy, but we did. I got a text message from my friend Kendra the day after MCM which said, “I wanna run Philly.” And that was the beginning of our mad quest to secretly run a marathon without letting anyone know, well, with the exception of our families.

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MCM Training – This is it! (Last long run)

Well this is it. On so many levels, this is it. Saturday was our last long run before the marathon. I typically write about my long runs within 24 hours, but I was also celebrating my 40th birthday this weekend. As of yesterday, I am officially in a new age bracket. Everything I do this week will be a first in my 40th decade. First track workout, first tempo run, first personal training session, first taper (which I’ve been doing since I was 39), and first marathon in a new age bracket. While I’m a little freaked out about 40, I’m actually embracing it too. I’m just not liking the whole “your body falls apart at 40” thing. But anyway, I digress…running…let’s get back to running. Continue reading

Run Wild for Austism 5K (Proud Runner Here!)

For Sunday’s recovery run, I ran in the Run Wild for Autism 5K race with my team, Running for Nicholas and Friends. Nicholas is my nephew who has Dup15q and presents on the Autism spectrum. Everyone on our team has been touched by someone who presents on the Autism spectrum in some way. Continue reading

MCM Training – Week 14 Long Run (18 Miles with Bad Manners)

Well, there goes another 18 miles for the books. Today’s run was a practice run on the Baltimore Marathon course. Those doing the Baltimore full had to run 20 miles, while the halfies did 10-12. Since MCM is a little later, our mileage was 18. We decided that we would cut the 20 mile course short and in doing so, we got a little lost and ended up a mile short at the end. No worries…we found the 18th mile. Continue reading

MCM Training – Week 13 Long run (16 Out of 17 Ain’t Bad)

This weekend’s mileage for our long run was between 16 – 17 miles, so I had my heart set on 17. Even posted on Facebook that I was running 17, cause you know you MUST do it if you post it. But at 16, I was done and I was fine with it. Well, I wasn’t actually totally fine with it, but fine enough to stop and not whine too much about it. My Garmin had died, my legs were tired, and I wanted brunch.  I’m pretty sure I could’ve pushed through to the 17, but after running 4 yesterday, I decided I didn’t need to…brunch was on the brain instead. Continue reading

White Marsh 4 Miler – She did it!

Today I ran with my sister in her first race ever! It was a perfect day for a race! No humidity, crisp air, and just the right mixtures of sun and clouds. We got there early since we didn’t know what to expect with parking and wanted enough time to warm up. We did the White Marsh 4 Miler and she nailed it. She ran the whole thing without stopping and I’m so proud of her as she only started training a couple of weeks ago. Talk about overachiever! Continue reading

Slower vs. Faster?

As I sit here gathering my race stats information for my new Race Stats page, I noticed how significantly slower I’ve been running this season. And I think of some of the problems that I’ve had and I flashback to an appointment that I had with my podiatrist when I was having pain on the top of my foot. I remember boasting about how I went from 0 to 26.2 in a short amount of time and that I had planned on picking up speed this year. When I told him I did my first marathon in 4:56, he, who was also a runner, said to me “was it worth it?” And I looked at him. Then he proceeded to tell me that he rarely sees elite runners for pain and injuries because they were fast. He said that the runners he typically sees are slower runners because they spend more time on their feet. Fast runners spend less time on their feet and therefore have less injuries.

I wanted to punch him in the face. Continue reading

MCM Training – Week 11 (NCR 20 Miler)

As I sit here trying to write this blog, my mind and body are mush. Just added another 20-miler under my belt and I feel like I’ve been hit by a Mack truck. When I did this race last year, I swore I would never run again. I wanted to drop out of the Baltimore Marathon and sell all of my gear. It didn’t help that my husband allowed me to fall asleep with my legs propped up at a 90 degree angle on a wall only to wake up with stiff pretzel legs as my legs flopped over during my nap. This year, while the race was harder on my body, I don’t have those “screw running” feelings. Not having those 4 long runs leading up to today’s 20 miler really made it harder, but with a little help from my friends, I finished. It wasn’t a pretty finish and it wasn’t a strong finish, but I finished. Continue reading

MCM Training – Week 10 Long Run, Part 2 (10.44 miles – Applause!)

What can I say? Another beautiful morning and another fantastic run! I cherish these runs and embrace them because I know the next run might not be so great. After the past couple weeks, I really needed a weekend like this and I truly feel blessed to have been given it. I was actually very emotional when I told my husband how I wish he could experience feeling so good. He has serious back problems and is in pain all the time and I would give him a years worth of excellent runs for him to feel this way just for a moment. Everyone deserves to feel this good. Continue reading