MCM Training – You Deserve a Break Today

Some days you just need a break. And I’m not talking about a rest day, but a total break from running, blogging, and whatever is consuming your life. That day was yesterday. Saturday’s 18 miles wasn’t hard on my physically, I mean I had the expected rubbery legs, but I wasn’t gimping back to the car. But for some reason, it wore me out. I don’t if it was navigating on crappy pavement, or navigating through town because we got lost, or the traffic and the constant stop and go at the lights, but whatever it was, it was draining. Weird thing was, I felt fine after the run, but that declined as the day worn on.

As I requested, my cat let me sleep in until my eyes popped open at 7am. I was STARVING! So, the husband took me out to the local diner and then I was exhausted again. By 9am, I was in my pajamas and back in bed. Woke up around noon to go to my mom’s for lunch. Ate. Came home and watched TV in bed. Eat, sleep, pee, repeat. I had no desire to put on my shoes to run in the gorgeous almost perfect running weather and I had no guilt about it at all.

This morning I was up at 4am to go to boot camp. After stumbling to the bathroom with a tweaked out back, I decided to skip boot camp to go back to sleep. I guess all that sleeping did something to my back and now I’m walking like Quasimodo. So, the break continues until tomorrow’s track workout.

After 14 weeks of training (minus the time off for the calf), I guess you just get tired. I’m so glad that we are in a recovery week because mentally, I need it.


7 thoughts on “MCM Training – You Deserve a Break Today

  1. that’s how i felt. my body was seriously hurting though after the 18 however i just felt tired of anything to do with running- even THINKING about running- that’s how i know we are close to the end! 😀

  2. didn’t know you were training for the MCM that’s awesome. I’m running the Under Armour one in Baltimore the previous week (this is the last year it’ll be Under Armour because of a new sponsor). Good luck with the rest of your training!

    • Yes! Thats awesome! I’ll be running the half in Baltimore as part of my training. If this is your first time in Baltimore, remember to bank your energy for the hills at the end. Good luck and have a great time!

      • That’s smart of you to run the half as part of your training! I’ve haven’t completely slacked on my training but I have run further than I did two years ago which is a plus. I had to defer Baltimore last year due to a car accident & now I’m ready 🙂 My first (and only full) marathon was the Baltimore one in 2011. It was HARD. Lake Montibello can kiss my rear. BUT yes, hills galore at the end but I am hoping that it’s nothing that I can’t handle this time around! Thank you for your wishes and same to you!

      • Sorry to hear about the accident, but I’m very glad to hear that you’re back in the game. And yes, Lake Montibello can kiss my big ol’ butt too! ha! Swift feet!

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