To Ultra or Not to Ultra? That is the Question.

Just came back from an informational meeting about training for the HAT Run. The HAT Run ( is a 50K trail ultramarathon in Maryland and it’s on my bucket list. There are only 500 spots, so entry to the race is by lottery only.

I really wanted to do an ultra in 2013, but it wasn’t in the cards for me, so I’m really anxious about running one in 2014. There are several reasons NOT to train for an ultra:

  • Maryland’s cold winter. Some winters are mild and some are a bitch. The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a bitchy winter, but who knows? Yeah, yeah…it’s no where near as bad as the winters in the North, but I hate the cold. Seriously, I HATE the cold. All I can think about are frozen boogers on my upper lip and frozen eyeballs.
  • Asthma. Cold weather really aggravates my asthma. I really believe training last winter caused me, or contributed to my three month bronchitis stint.
  • Long runs back to back. Can I really commit to long runs two days in a row? I think it’s 2 – 5 hours of running each day, plus track, etc.
  • Hill training! Lots and lots of hill training. I hate hills.
  • I hate hills in cold weather.

Reasons to train for an ultra:

  • Haven’t done it.
  • It’s a challenge.
  • I get to put a 50K magnet on my car.


So, am I in? You bet your sweet cheeks I am! Training starts December!

Have you ran or considered running an ultra? TELL ME!


11 thoughts on “To Ultra or Not to Ultra? That is the Question.

  1. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing about your ultra experience!! It’s something I’ve been considering more and more recently….I haven’t quite “bit the bullet” yet to sign up for one, but major props to you for signing up! Totally worth it for the magnet 🙂

  2. good for you! this winter i will meet you at a point and run 10-12 miles with you 🙂 i seriously seriously seriously HATE the cold (50 degree weather is “cold” to me) but if I know someone is waiting on me, it will force me to get off of the couch and out from under my electric blanket.

  3. I have run an ultra before. 12HR run… I didn’t train at all, but I got out there and completed 50.47mi. Haha. I have committed to a 50K on the beach in Feb of 2014. The good thing about that is I don’t have to hill train much! Yayyyyy. Kudos to you and good luck with your 50K!

      • I don’t live near a beach though. Haha. How do you train for a beach run without trails or a beach?! And I love running in the cold. It’s my favorite. I just don’t have a lot of fall/winter clothes for running outside. 😦

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