30 Day Core Challege (Days 25 – 30) – Push Ups!

12/13/13 NOTE: I am republishing this as I found out that I accidentally published this as ‘private’ back in September. My apologies.

Here we are! The home stretch! Yes, we are ending the 30 Day Core Challenge with traditional push-ups! Wha-what? Push-ups! Think of them as moving planks. You’re abs and back are engaged the entire time, and you get to work on those sexy arms and chest too!

Since there are folks who can crank out a bazillion push ups a minute, to some who can barely eek out one push up, we will put a time limit on it. Do as many as you can, in proper form for 30 seconds on day 25, 45 seconds on day 26, 1 minute on day 17, and so on. The goal is to try and do just a little more, even if it’s just one more, than the day before.

Regular Push Ups


Or Modified Push Ups for Beginners


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