HAT Run 50K – Week 2 (The Slush Can Suck It!)

Okay, let’s try this again. I initially wrote this post on Sunday in a Word document and as I was ready to transfer it over to WordPress, my laptop crashed. And I don’t mean, just shut down…I mean the hard drive completely blew up. It also happened to my spare laptop. Both have been sent back to HP for repairs and I’m glad they’re still under warranty.

Anyway, my post was a little longer when I originally wrote it, but I have since forgotten most of it. It’s amazing how just a little bit of time makes you forget details that you thought were initially important. Lucky you, this is going to be short.

Sunday’s run was great, except for the stupid slush. Ya’ll know I hate wet feet, but what I hate worse than wet feet is freezing cold wet feet. Thirteen minutes in of schlepping through the slush, both feet were wet and cold. I eventually couldn’t feel my feet but my SmartWool socks did a decent job of keeping me from getting frostbite. It’s funny, I was telling some of the folks in my training group that this training is going to knock the prissy little girl right out of me. Last week I was “ew” or “gross” with every muddy step, this week it was more like “ew” or “gross” with every other slushy muddy step. Progress.

week 2 slushy feet

The weather wasn’t as cold as it could have been and I certainly was overdressed. I need to figure out what’s going to work training in the winter. I’m so afraid of being cold that I keep adding too many layers. I also think that the new winter gear is warmer than I expect. Training is about trial and error and Sunday was an error with the gear.

We went back to Cromwell Valley because we didn’t know if the trails at Susquehanna would be too icy. It’s such a beautiful place to run. All these years, this was pretty much right in my back yard and I didn’t know it.

week 2 hat

week 2 hat 2

Now, remember during Week 1 when I said that I sank my foot in the water when I was trying to cross a little creek? Well, this time I was able to make it across without stepping in the water – twice! Not that it mattered anyway cause you know…my feet were already wet, frozen stumps, but still…PROGRESS!

week 2 hat 1

And this week, I was able to run (or strongly jog) up most of the hills where as last week I walked up all of them…that’s right! P R O G R E S S ! All in all, I think the group really had a great time out on the trails and I think we all felt that we had great runs. I also think our substitute coach feels that it’s all because of him….(just messin’ with you Troy!)

Mad Hatters

Sunday’s run may have been slushy, but it didn’t matter. It was a good run…no, it was a FANTASTIC run! I can feel myself getting a little bit stronger and I’m getting a little bit more excited about the HAT run. Let’s hope that doesn’t change after tonight’s hill and track workout. Wish me luck!

week 2 hat 3

6 thoughts on “HAT Run 50K – Week 2 (The Slush Can Suck It!)

  1. Which part of Cromwell Valley did you gals ran in? For we used the Cromwell Valley Park right off Cromwell Bridge Road the last two years for our fund raising events. It’s a lovely park with great view along with various elevation and different surfaces. It’s a hidden gem that’s great for trail running incredibly that’s in the heart of Towson. http://www.active.com/baltimore-md/running/the-blue-steel-stampede-10k-trail-race-benefits-the-c-o-p-s-org-brought-to-you-by-plow-on-gum-2013 We would contribute gum to whomever that trains and runs with you for HAT run!

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