Friday’s Tip of the Week – Releasing Femoral Nerve Entrapment

As some of you know I have meralgia paresthetica, which is the entrapment of the femoral nerve. Basically, my right thigh is numb and I haven’t had sensation in it in just about a year. It’s more of a nuisance than anything and I found out that it’s not really uncommon for runners. Sometimes I get tingling and weird sensations, but for the most part I don’t feel a thing on the surface. Didn’t even realize I was leaning up against a hot stove until I started to smell my pants heat up. I need to get it taken care of, but I just don’t have the means to incur medical bills at the moment. Besides, the first thing the doctors will probably tell me to do is physical therapy. So, I looked up some exercises and found these video clips on how to help release the entrapment of the femoral nerve. Below are two clips, one that explains the anatomy of a femoral nerve entrapment and one that has exercises to help relieve it.

Do you have Femoral Nerve Entrapment?

Femoral Nerve – Nerve Flossing

Do any of you suffer or know of anyone that suffers from this?

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Tip of the Week – Releasing Femoral Nerve Entrapment

  1. Hi I have partial lose of power in my quad and have trapped my nerve in my lower back. What would you suggest as treatment as I have had this for a month and have used the flossing exercise, which hasn’t helped.
    Thanks. Ben

    • Hi Ben, I’m sorry, but I’m not qualified to answer that. I share the information that I learn from my physicians and physical therapists with my readers. Have you tried seeing a PT?

  2. Have you noticed any additional symptoms or new injuries across the kinetic chain towards the opposite shoulder since your original diagosis? The reason I ask is I had femoral nerve entrapment/damage from a surgical clip in 2013 and have incurred several other injuries since, I believe to compensations. Did you find a way to strengthen the quad without making the nerve pain worse or stressing compensatory muscles?

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