HAT Run 50K Training – Week 5 (30% is Better than 0%)

Well, this is going to be a quick one. Today’s goal was 3.5 hours, or about 17 – 19 miles on the trail, but a snow storm came through yesterday leaving the back roads to the trail icy and dangerous. So instead, we took it out on the roads. Being that it was only 7 degrees, our coach told us to do what we could and we would make adjustments during Week 6. We ran 6.25 miles for about an hour and 10 minutes which only gave us 30% of what we were scheduled to do. You know what? It’s okay. Training through the winter months can be tough when mother nature doesn’t cooperate, so you’ve got to be flexible. While I had the energy to go further, I was tired of dealing with frozen boogers on my nose hairs. Every time I sniffed, my nostrils would stick together. I know, not very lady like, but it is what it is.

The best parts about today’s run were:

  1. I dressed appropriately,
  2. I didn’t fall (yay me!), and
  3. I felt strong going up the hills! I powered through every hill without stopping or feeling like I was going to throw my guts up.

hat pack

You know what this means? I AM getting stronger!

ready for cold

For the next five days I will be featuring my Runners Inspiring Runners series with an interview of a runner who has inspired me or who has inspired others. I hope you enjoy them. If there is someone who you would like to nominate as an Inspiring Runners, please let me know!

4 thoughts on “HAT Run 50K Training – Week 5 (30% is Better than 0%)

  1. Yay for not falling! I knew it would come to you…and when you fall again, it won’t feel so bad (this is experience talking, trust me 🙂 )

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