HAT Run 50K Training – Week 6 & 7 (I’m Still Here! Sun, Trails, and Doubt)

I’m back! It’s been a little while since I blogged, but I’m back. I really hope you enjoyed last week’s Runners Inspiring Runners series. I’ve got a few more lined up, so be on the look out for them!

While the entire Mid Atlantic was dealing with the “Polar Vortex,” I slipped away to Jamaica.  I know. I suck. Who wants to deal with subzero temperatures?!  I brought my running gear with me, but the closest thing that I did to any type of physical activity was a sorry attempt to do yoga on the beach…

yogaIt was pretty pathetic and I wasn’t successful. But who cares?!?! I was in JAMAICA!!! I spent most of my time just relaxing without a care in the world. I didn’t think about training with the exception of wanting to run every hill and trail I saw off of the resort, and I didn’t think about eating right…okay, I ate a lot of healthy foods, but I sure didn’t skimp out on dessert!

jamaica food

Happy Me…

happy me

and Happy Feet!

happy feet

I got back late last Friday and was prepared to head out on Saturday for a 3.5 hour training run out on the trails. But as the night went on, I knew that I was just way to exhausted from the travel to have a successful run. Besides, we were expecting rain…a lot of it, so I contacted Reds to see if she would run the long run with me on Sunday and I slept in. I was so glad I did. I heard that the trails were flooded and the rain was relentless. The group got lost and it turned into a 4 hour run. If I hadn’t been traveling the night before, I would’ve probably had fun on that run…with the exception of the mud. HA!

Sunday Reds and I headed out for our run. I stayed up on my own two feet and had such a great time. It’s really true when I hear runners say that running trails make you feel like I kid. I truly felt like a kid out there just running through the trails with a big ol’ cheesy smile on my face. Reds even had time to swing from a vine. I was afraid I’d break the dang thing.

play time

We also trespassed on a historic site to take pictures, because that’s how we roll.

ruin pis

 It was a good run. No, it was a great run!  Monday I hit the weights and Tuesday I was back at the track for speed and hill work. That’s when the doubt started to sink back in. I struggled and I struggled bad. Well, actually I did pretty well for the slow pace that I am, but the mental monster of being at the back of the back was tormenting me. I couldn’t keep up and I didn’t skimp out on the repetitions because I couldn’t keep up with the rest of the group. Our workout was as follows:

  • Warm up run to the track
  • 1200 doing the following – 100 easy (walk), 100 medium (60-70% max effort), 100 hard (80-90% max effort) Repeat until time is up.
  • 400 hard on track (5K pace), then hard effort out of the track up to the parking lot and up the hill, turn around and follow back to the track.  Hard effort (75-90% max effort) up the hills, recovery down the hills
  • Repeat until time is up.
  • Cool down back to the car

While some runners ran the loop 4 times, I managed 3. It really got to me and I emailed Coach Marie to tell her that it’s unnerving being at the back of the pack sometimes. I asked her if the thought I was too slow to run an ultra and if going 0 to 50K in two years was too much to expect. I also told her I had no plans on quitting…once I’m committed, I don’t quit. She assured me that I was fine and that I would get stronger. She also reminded me of how I felt at this point during my first marathon training last year. She’s right and I’m doing my best to fight that stupid mental tormentor. My competitive spirit can be such a bitch sometimes. But, I have to put it into perspective. Not many people go from 0 miles to 50k in two years. Heck, not many people even attempt or think about attempting an ultramarathon. I have to practice what I preach. Believe that I can and I will.

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