HAT 50K Training – Week 10 Track (Badass Status – DENIED!)

Yesterday’s workout was supposed to be speed work at the track. Of course it was colder than a bucket of penguin shit and I didn’t pack the appropriate cold weather gear to change into for training. I figured, what the hell. I’m going to gear up and earn my badass status and get it done. I closed my office door and proceeded to quickly get dressed with what I had, two thin long-sleeved shirts, a vest, and my Mizuno tights.

I wanted to get a head start so Kendra and I met a little early. We skipped our dynamic stretches and headed out for the first lap. By the time we ran from the parking lot to the track I lost all feeling in my hands. Actually, I had feeling but it was nothing but dull aching throbbing pain. On top of that, I had left my underwear on (I typically go commando in tights) and they were all up in a bunch….frozen wedgie. We continued to complete our first lap when I told Kendra that my hands were getting worse and I wasn’t warming up. Once she said that it wouldn’t hurt her feelings to bag the training, I said DONE!

We joked at how we were probably the mascots of the group…you know, the team members that you feel sorry for because they try so hard but just aren’t at the level as the rest of the group, but you love them anyway. Yep. That’s us.

By the time we got back to the car my hands were done for and I couldn’t even open my car door. I sat there until I could bend my fingers before I drove off. It took the entire 27 minute drive home for me to regain sensation in my hands and another 10 minutes before they felt normal again.

Sometimes you just have to forego the badass status to save a couple of fingers. Like this meme says, I’m ready to fast-forward to bitching about how hot it is.

fast forward

4 thoughts on “HAT 50K Training – Week 10 Track (Badass Status – DENIED!)

  1. last winter was NOT as cold as it is currently- i can’t imagine training for a marathon- let alone an 50k in this cold! it’s supposed to be a tiny bit warmer this weekend (anything above 30 sounds good these days) so i hope you enjoy the “warmer” weather! 🙂

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