HAT 50K Training – Week 14, part 2 (Boy I love being a runner!)

Another great run in the books! Because of yesterday’s snafu, today the target was 10 – 12 miles. Since a few of us decided to take it to Loch Raven where there were hills…oh the hills…we ended up with 10 glorious easy miles!  Those who know Loch Raven will appreciate that we ran up the “Dam” hill twice. Despite a few little areas that still had patches of ice, the road was pretty much clear. The sun came out, we had brunch and of course the obligatory Bloody Mary. Boy do I love being a runner and the friends I’ve made since I became a runner. I even love saying the word run. Run, runner, running!

I had the pleasure of picking the brain of someone who has ran 100-miler and multiple 50-milers, etc. I must say I REALLY am seriously considering a 50 miler later this year. But before I sign up, I’ll need to finish the 50K and let this Bloody Mary wear off.

So, tell me…what do you think? Too soon to go for a 50-miler? I would have almost 3 years of running under my belt by then. Impossible?

give it a try said the heart

6 thoughts on “HAT 50K Training – Week 14, part 2 (Boy I love being a runner!)

  1. I just got back into running in Fall 2011 and I’m signed up for a 50-mile run in April. HAT will be a pre-game reality check. You might want to try a 12-hour endurance event where the goal is to see how far you can run in 12 hours (or much less than that – no one will force you to run for 12 hours). That’s a very low pressure way to set new personal distance records.

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