HAT 50K Training – The Final Countdown – 5 Days Until Race Day

It’s official. These past few days I settled in to the taper blues losing my motivation and excitement for the race. We had a nice 1 hour and 45 minute run on the course on Saturday and it was tough. No, really…it was HARD! My Achilles were very tight and the hills might as well have been mountains. Parts of the course were very slippery and the mud, well you know how I feel about mud. How am I going to run 50K like this???  I don’t feel prepared. I know that I am, but I just don’t feel it. Continue reading

HAT 50K Training – Week 15 Recap (Kicking Goose Turds Because Running Sucks)

Have you ever had a run that made you want to quit the sport of running forever? That was yesterday and a little bit today. We desperately needed to get a good long continuous long run and went out for 22 miles on the road of the BWI Trail. I was excited to run someplace new, but I had no idea that by mile 10 I was ready to give up the sport of running forever. Mile 10 felt like mile 20 for me. My hips and knees hurt and I ached all over. My legs were so tired that when I went to use the port-a-potty I ended up peeing on the back of my leg and shoe because I couldn’t get the right hovering position, and ya’ll know you don’t sit in one of those things. I knew this was going to be one of those runs where I will have to dig deep to keep going. I had to make my mind push my body to get through it….had to find my inner bitch. Continue reading

HAT 50K Training – Week 14, part 2 (Boy I love being a runner!)

Another great run in the books! Because of yesterday’s snafu, today the target was 10 – 12 miles. Since a few of us decided to take it to Loch Raven where there were hills…oh the hills…we ended up with 10 glorious easy miles!  Those who know Loch Raven will appreciate that we ran up the “Dam” hill twice. Despite a few little areas that still had patches of ice, the road was pretty much clear. The sun came out, we had brunch and of course the obligatory Bloody Mary. Boy do I love being a runner and the friends I’ve made since I became a runner. I even love saying the word run. Run, runner, running! Continue reading

HAT 50K Training – Week 12 (Sure, Let’s Add Ice Skating While We Run!)

I’m happy to say that I did NOT fall today! Yay me! I had a couple of slips and close calls considering most of the trails were a sheet of ice, but that was it. We set out to do 2.5 hours and I think we came up a little short, but that’s okay. Next week’s run is going to be a doozy, so I’ll take all the easy runs I can get. Easy. Yep, I said it! I can’t believe that trail running is getting easier. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a challenge, but I’m still keeping up with the group and I’m running all the hills that weren’t a sheet of ice and I’m still feeling strong. Again, I’ll take what I can get. I know next week this will most likely not be the case. Continue reading

HAT 50K Training – Week 10 (Seriously over Winter!)

Winter makes me lazy and winter weather sometimes puts a wrench in training. This past weekend we were scheduled for a 3.5 hour run out on the trails. Mother Nature decided to dump enough snow to take the trail running out on the roads. So, we schlepped up and down Loch Raven until it started to snow again. Kendra and I decided to cut the run short at 13.65 miles when we noticed the roads starting to feel a little slick. Ok, so I know I’ve got a few New Englanders reading my posts and they would scoff at the “dusting” that we got, but where I am you might as well call a dusting a blizzard. The drivers here are pretty much idiots and it’s every man for themselves. Anyway…it snowed, road felt slick, we stopped. Continue reading

HAT RUN 50K Training – Week 8 Part 2 (Happy Place)

Went out yesterday for a 2 hour run on the road and trails and it was fantastic.  Kendra and I haven’t been able to run together in a long time and it felt like coming home to run with your sister who you haven’t seen in ages. We were both in our happy places. We caught up with what has been going on at home and we talked about how much we actually liked trail running…yes, it’s really growing on me. We talked about how we were worried that we were going to get bored with road running with marathon training season began.

I took this picture of Kendra while we were running. It is unfiltered and perfect. The best part of being at the back of the pack is seeing and having the ability to capture your friends enjoying their happy places. With the exception of the picture of me and Kendra crossing the finish line in Philly, below are other unfiltered pictures I’ve been fortunate enough to capture.

kendra's happy place

white hot and passionate 2

Zen of Running



I pity the people who miss out of some of the best views in life. Do they realize what they’re missing?

HAT RUN 50K Training – Week 8 (#MEGSMILES)

Today we went out to Cromwell Valley Park for our 2 hour run. Today, I ran to honor Meg Menzies who was tragically killed on January 13th by a drunk driver while she was out for her morning run. Meg was a mother of three young children, a Boston Marathoner, and an avid runner. Today, I ran 7 miles for someone I didn’t know but had the same passion as I do – running.

Amy and I were at the back of the pack again, or as she calls it “the caboose.” It was really tough getting started. The air seemed particularly thin and both of us had a hard time catching our breath. It took a little while, but once we finally got into our groove, we were good to go. I really do enjoy running with Amy. She and I have the same “happy pace” and it comforts me to know that at this pace, she has completed the HAT Run 50K  with no problems.

We ran for two hours together chit chatting along the way. We laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. It was another good run.

me and amy

For me, there was no mention of Meg. For me, I soaked in everything for her. The burn in my thighs, the burn in my lungs. The crisp thin air, the sound of the crunching leaves. The sound of our voices and laughter. All the images, sounds, and feelings of this mornings run to honor a fallen runner. These two hours belonged to her.

week 7

It’s sad to believe that someone’s stupid irresponsible actions could take all of this away from someone. And it’s sad to think that those children will grow up without her. It angers me. Unfortunately, this tragedy happens quite frequently. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Rest in peace Meg.

HAT Run 50K Training – Week 3 (Going All In!)

Okay, Okay! I know I’m late in posting this weekend’s training, but ’tis this season to be caught up in the holiday bustle. Actually, I was just too worn out to move.

This weekend’s training started Friday with an intense upper body workout with an old friend of mine. I was unable to meet up with John, so I met up with my old personal trainer/friend who does competition body building. Three days later, I’m just now able to touch the top of my head…ow. It was good to see him and switch it up a little, and I’m grateful that he let me tag along so I wouldn’t miss out on training due to scheduling conflicts. But up until about an hour ago, I was cussing him out under my breath anytime I had to lift my arms more than six inches above my waist. Continue reading

HAT Run Training – Week 2 Track (Tales of the Asthmatic Runner)

I’ve never been much of a writer, but during a lot of my runs, especially in the cold when my asthma kicks into high gear, I always ponder about writing a book titled Tales of the Asthmatic Runner. I don’t know why. I think I just like the title. But I have no idea what the plot would be, et cetera, et cetera.

Last night at track we did hill work around Goucher. The track was icy, so we skipped the track portion of the workout. Probably a good thing. My lungs were tight and I could tell that it wasn’t going to be a good night. So, if I were to write about last night in a story format, I think it would go something like this… Continue reading