874 Days Since Day 1 – Who Knew?

It’s been 874 days since I first “unofficially” walked/jogged my first race, the Celtic Solstice 5 miler. I never thought there would come a day in those 874 days where I would ‘forget’ that I had a race  and that race was a full marathon. All week I’ve had that “oh yeah…I’m running the Delaware Marathon on Sunday” moment when trying to make plans for the weekend. And who would’ve thought that it would take me 826 days, to go from 0 miles to an ultramarathon. And I never thought that in 28 days, I would run my first 50 miler. If my calculations are correct, that would mean that it took 902 days to go from running 0 to running 50 miles.

I never thought running would make me feel so empowered and free. I never knew that running would open my eyes to the details in the beauty of nature that I have always admired, but didn’t really appreciate. I never thought that “not winning” would still make me feel like a champion with every step I took in all those miles.

Funny things can happen in 874 days. Who knew?


13 thoughts on “874 Days Since Day 1 – Who Knew?

    • Oh, you’re crazy enough. You just don’t know it. You’ll find out about mile 24 of MCM. You’ll be hating life just a little, but planning your 50 miler all at the same time. True story.

  1. Amazing how each step can change your perspective 🙂 good luck in Delaware and know that you have a group cheering you on in your 50!!!

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