Spirit of a Runner – Baltimore Running Festival

Something special happened this past weekend at the Baltimore Running Festival. Sid Busch ran his 200th marathon, and my friend Marianne ran her very first marathon. Sid was the very last to finish more than seven hours after the start and Marianne slipped through just before he did. I couldn’t help but think about these two runners and how different they were, yet they were the same. Continue reading

Baltimore Marathon 2014 – Race Recap – Be Brave

Seriously. How do I get so lucky with some of these running conditions? The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. It was mid-50’s at the start time and upper 60’s by the time I finished. There was no rain and a perfect amount of breeze to keep us cool when the sun came out. This was my 5th marathon. And while it’s supposed to be a regular ol’ training run for my 50-miler, deep down, I wanted a PR. I wanted 4:30. Even more, I wanted 4:30 for my friend Megs who had been busting butt all summer long in training.

“The key to life is accepting challenges. Once someone stops doing this, he’s dead.”
Bette Davis

We met with our Charm City Run training group at Pickles Pub just after 6 a.m. I was able to catch up with Joanna from Races for Awareness before the race. I was so excited to meet her. She’s helping me with organizing a virtual race to raise money fro the Dup15q Alliance which helps families with Dup15q kids, like my nephew. Yes, this is a little bit of a shamless plug. I hope you will join me in this race 🙂 Continue reading

Definition of Grit – Courage and resolve; strength of character.

Grit. That’s all I could think of when my partner in crime, Kendra, decided that she was going to run a solo marathon. She was supposed to run the Baltimore Marathon with me and Megs this weekend, but plans changed when something came up and she had to cancel out on the race. Life happens. We know that. But, when you’ve got grit, you don’t just hang up your shoes and quit. You get your ass out there an you run your marathon, even if it is alone.

kendra 6

Continue reading

There’s Nothing Like The First Time

One of the best things about writing this blog and interacting with like-minded running folks on social media is that I get to experience ‘the first time’ over and over again though my readers. My friends Rebekah and Dawn ran their very first half marathon this weekend and I couldn’t have been more proud. Continue reading

The Evolution of Crazy

I can’t believe it’s been a year last month since I started this blog! Looking back, I have shared so much with you and once again, I’m sorry I haven’t been around so much recently. As I sat back and reflected on the writings of my blog, I couldn’t help but go back to the beginning. You know, when crazy started…this crazy thing in my life called running. How does it happen? How did I start running and end up running ultramarathons? Well, I went back in time to see how crazy began. Continue reading

874 Days Since Day 1 – Who Knew?

It’s been 874 days since I first “unofficially” walked/jogged my first race, the Celtic Solstice 5 miler. I never thought there would come a day in those 874 days where I would ‘forget’ that I had a race  and that race was a full marathon. All week I’ve had that “oh yeah…I’m running the Delaware Marathon on Sunday” moment when trying to make plans for the weekend. And who would’ve thought that it would take me 826 days, to go from 0 miles to an ultramarathon. And I never thought that in 28 days, I would run my first 50 miler. If my calculations are correct, that would mean that it took 902 days to go from running 0 to running 50 miles. Continue reading

GUEST BLOG: Jamie Hart’s Glass City Marathon Race Recap

Jamie completed his first marathon on April 26th at the Glass City Marathon in Toledo, Ohio. I have featured Jamie before in my Runners Inspiring Runners series and I’m proud to see him accomplish something that a lot of people wouldn’t have thought was possible. He is a fighter and continues to be an inspiration to many people and I’m honored that he accepted my request to be a guest blogger. 

jamie's quote

Goals and dreams start small. As runners we know this, it starts with our first step out the door. Those initial steps whether it is to run for a minute straight, be able to run a mile without stopping, compete in a 5K or just to run to be at peace, alone with our thoughts.  Whatever the initial reason or goal we set out to accomplish, as runners we seem to always strive for more.  The pinnacle of running for most, something that many dream of and even fewer strive for would be to run in a marathon.  It is known as the true endurance test of both mind and body.  Something that after two years of running decided to put myself up to the test and the scene of my journey would take place at Toledo, Ohio’s Glass City Marathon over the weekend. Continue reading

Beast Mode – ON!

While some folks got up early yesterday for some Black Friday shopping, I decided to work off the 5,738 calories that I ate during Thanksgiving dinner instead. I was going to turn the beast mode on! Got up at 5:30 am, headed to the gym to train with my trainer and then set off to meet a friend for a trail run. I was supposed to meet her at 8:30, but as I left the gym, I got a message from her that she wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t make it. Continue reading

Flat Runner

Before a big race, I go through a ritual (handed down by my running friends) of laying out my entire running gear, taking a picture, and posting it on Facebook. Now, I couldn’t post my Philly Flat Runner because it was a secret marathon, but you bet your sweet cheeks that I took my Flat Runner photo for good luck. Well, I guess it’s for good luck, it could be just a way to make sure you have everything ready the day before the race. Not sure how this phenomenon came about, but I’m starting to be come superstitious about it.

Flat Runner Collage

Do you make a Flat Runner before race? Is there a ritual that you have to go do before each race to ensure that you’ve got good running juju?

Philly Marathon Recovery

If you recall, my recovery sucked for MCM. I did everything wrong, wrong, wrong. I waited 7 – 8 hours to get a REAL meal in, endured a not so great massage, didn’t stretch, didn’t take an Epsom salt bath, didn’t foam roll, and didn’t continue to hydrate. Remember when I said “lessons learned,” well I heeded my words and paid special attention to make sure I recovered correctly after Philly. This is what I did different: Continue reading