Amy – Derived from the Middle English Amye, which is from the Old French Aimee (beloved), a name derived from the verb aimer (to love).

Beloved – Dearly loved, Synonyms – darling, dear, dearest, precious, adored, much loved, cherished,treasured, highly regarded, admired, esteemed, revered

Our running community has lost an amazing person. I met Amy Metz through the Charm City Run Marathon Training group a few years ago. She was kind to me and always greeted me with a smile. While we weren’t close friends, she is part of my tribe. And when we lost her, as with everyone within our tribe, I was heartbroken.

There are many people who touch us in our lives, but there are few people that touch many. Amy is one of those people who touched everyone she met. And without you knowing it at the time, she gave a piece of herself to you.

As I listened to family and friends who attended her viewing and read posts on her Facebook page, it was clear that Amy lived up to her name. She is indeed beloved. Her smile, her laughter, her strength, her way of making you feel that you mattered, the way she encouraged you and loved you in your darkest moments is a gift she gave to us all. Most of us go through life wondering what our purpose is and I wonder if Amy did the same. I suspect, though, her purpose is to teach us not to take life for granted, and to love unconditionally, to laugh until it hurts, and to always show human kindness.

Our tribe is healing from our loss but I refuse to refer to Amy in past tense because her spirit IS here and her spirit continues to touch those who love her. She is still part of our tribe and she is still in our hearts. She continues to teach us to live life to the fullest, filled with love, laughter, compassion, and of course, bacon and beer. Amy, you are truly missed. Thank you for your kindness and your smile, and thank you for making this world a better place. You are forever beloved.

“I hope there are days where you fall in love with being alive. I hope a part of your heart lives there forever.”


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