Catching Up – 2/8/16

It’s tough betting back into the swing of things after the holidays. I officially started training in December and really haven’t had many issues. The goal for this season is to get faster, and for the most part, I see progress. With the exception for the week of January 16th when I ran PHUNT 50k, my weekly mileage has been in the 30’s. The 50k tipped me over into a 40-mile week.

My knee has been giving me a fit recently, but not when I run. I suspect it’s runner’s knee, so I need to really pay attention to it and continue with strength training, foam rolling (as if I really do this), and getting massages (that starts this week).

Right now I’m riding the waves of my training. I don’t feel there’s much consistency and it does bother me a little. It’s still early in the game, but still. My days are this…

meh zoey

Followed by this…


As I review the coming month’s schedule that my coach sent to me, it looks like my weekly mileage will be in the 40’s. I’m looking forward to ramping up, despite last week’s case of the “meh’s,” and spending more time on my beloved trails. Now if only the snow from the blizzard will just GO AWAY! Oh and yay…we’re getting more snow tonight. Mpffff. Running on beautiful packed snow is great. Running on frozen shit and trying to keep your footing on frozen footprints, not so great.

One of my goals for 2016 is to be better about blogging my training. While I make daily posts on my Facebook page about my progress, I’d like to go back to my original format and write my weekly summaries. It’s been hard to find the time, but I really have to be better about it. I’m sure you’ve heard this before.

I’ve officially signed up for Mountain Lakes 100 and I’m excited to take on this challenge again. My friend David of Acquire the Void is also running the race so I’m hoping eventually our training schedules will sync up and we’ll be able to get some long runs in together. I need to start thinking about a crew and pacers and figuring out logistics. There is a training run on the course in August and I’m hoping to work it out so that it would be my last 50-mile training run prior to race day.

I have to admit, today the thrill of the chase is not there. Perhaps it’s just a bad day or perhaps it’s just the winter blues. But today, the fire in my belly is a little dim. Maybe all I need is a long run with many, many miles in my happy place to bring me back to life so that I can fuel the fire to chase my dreams. I hope that much needed long run comes soon.

chasing a dream


12 thoughts on “Catching Up – 2/8/16

  1. We’ll definitely get some long runs in together. In fact, I bet the better part of our summer will be long runs. 🙂 And yes, please, snow, as nice and soft as you are, please avoid falling on the trails, k? Thx. I wonder if some of your meh days are because you are progressing and getting faster. You’re pushing yourself more and this is bound to cause some changes. Hang in there; you’re going to have an awesome year!

  2. I hear ya, Sandy. My belly fire is a lil’ dim myself. Actually, it’s kind of flickering. I’m chalking it up to the Winter Blues and the lack of a running plan. Which I plan on formulating as I sit in front of the fire the next few days and watch this icy mess fall from the sky. I’m ready for spring. And a nice long run. 🙂

  3. Sounds like you do need that one, long run to connect with yourself. I would also blame it on the season. I agree, running in crunchy snow is one thing but when you are out there and suddenly it feels like you are ice skating, that takes away from it. Don’t worry, dig deep and you will feel the fire!

  4. Sometimes the worst day is followed by the best day. It’s always good to know a “down” day will be followed by an “up” day. It’s also good to know to take the “down” day when your body tells you to. Good for you! Looks like your training is going well, overall.

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