Power of the skirt!

When I first started running, my gear consisted of old gym shoes, black sweat pants, and a t-shirt. With the exception of the shoes, it worked. However, having my own business in the fashion and entertainment industry, I’m pretty conscious about image and I have to say that looking frumpy wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the sweat and blotchy red face, and of course the occasional snot that freezes to your cheek in the winter. And when I go to the gym, I would rather wear sweats pants (never shorts) and a big ol’ baggy shirt, but for running…I’d rather put a little style into my gear. Hey, if I’m going look like a sock monkey while I’m running, I might as well wear something cute. Lord knows you can’t pick your shoe color if you wear a size 9.5W – you get what you get.

I started buying all kinds of running clothes – I went hog wild! Shorts! Technical shirts! Tanks! Crops! Sports bras! I wanted ALL OF THEM! And of course, you had to find the styles that didn’t chafe you. I have scars around my bra line and back from wearing the wrong sports bra. Running clothes were actually hard for me to figure out. I couldn’t find something comfortable. Shorts either gave me a wedgie or they strangled my thighs, shirts didn’t lay right on my broad shoulders, crops were sometimes too long or too short, and so on and so forth. I tried it all…ask Charm City Run…I was in their top 1% of their best customers last year (don’t tell my husband!).

Then…I discovered the skirt! It’s funny, when I saw runners running in a skirt, I have to admit that I sneered a little wondering why would you be so vain to sacrifice comfort to look cute while you’re running? When I saw a skirt on the sale rack, I decided to give it a try. Okay, I’m hooked. Not only are running skirts comfortable, but they’re practical and they’re flattering. I didn’t have to worry about accidental camel toe (ladies, you know that happens….and men…don’t get me started on moose knuckles…too bad they don’t make skirts for men) and it provides a lot of coverage in the rear. I’m not fat, but I definitely have a little extra meat on my bones along with cellulite in my thighs. The skirt was great for covering my flaws and it made me feel less self-conscious about them.

MeInLululemonMy favorite skirt is the Lululemon Pacesetter $58. I already have a collection of them and I can’t wait to add some more. They are styled with a flouncy ruffle and are super comfortable. Their elastic grip on the thighs of the built in shorts don’t chafe and they don’t make you feel like someone is pinching your thigh fat. The fabric is very soft and I like that they also offer both regular length and tall length. Here are the specs from their website (www.lululemon.com)

Why we made this:

We made this running skirt to complement our long strides. We included built-in shorts so we stay confident no matter how large our leaps. The shorts have sticky elastic on the hem so they stay put when pick up the pace.

Key Features:

  • the Swift fabric is lightweight, moisture-wicking and has 4-way stretch
  • pockets galore: secure zipper pocket on back waistband for cards and keys; two gel pockets for mid-race snacking
  • the thick Luxtreme waistband won’t dig in – muffin tops are for Seinfeld
  • venting at the back of the skirt adds breathability and the pleats give you room to move
  • built-in shorts made of moisture-wicking Luxtreme for maximum comfort
  • sticky elastic on the hem limits stops your shorts from rolling up mid-run
  • just say no to chafing with flat seams

Tech specs:

  • designed for: run
  • Fabric(s): Luxtreme®, Swift
  • Properties: four-way stretch, moisture-wicking, chafe resistant, breathable
  • Liner: yes – Luxtreme
  • Regular front length: 121/4
  • Regular back length: 131/4
  • Tall front length: 133/4
  • Tall back length: 143/4

Back view of the Pacesetter:


If you like compression shorts, I would suggest Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra $65.00 (www.skirtsports.com). Personally, they are a little tight on my chubby thighs, but I don’t like running in compression shorts. So if you’re a compression lover, this is your skirt!

At a glanceskirtsport

  • Built-in no-creep Shorties made from semi-compression mesh with 5” inseam. Perfect thigh placement. The Shorties stay put!
  • The Shorties under the skirt are 1-3 inches longer than most of our competitors and provide more coverage.
  • Featuring our RunFast Jersey and Semi-Compression Mesh fabrics
  • Skirt length (size medium): 13.5 inches in front; 14.5 inches in back
  • 100% polyester Under Skirt Liner for extra moisture management
  • Two hidden pockets in the shorties carry nutrition, music players and more
  • Sonic Music Port on right side just under waistband for media player cord management

Don’t underestimate the power of wearing something flattering when you run. It’s like anything else in life, when you look good you feel good. I swear that running in a skirt improves my form and increases my pace (I kid, I kid).

Tomorrow’s long run is 13 miles (I think) and I will be wearing my new Lululemon skirt. It’s just too darn cute!

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