2013 Winter Gear Review – Patagonia Women’s Capilene 4 1/4 Zip Hoody

Last Friday, I went to Charm City Run and had a mini-shopping spree for cold weather running gear. I kinda went hog wild. But, hey…I really needed new Winter gear! So, with the request of several readers, I’ll be reviewing some of the new gear that has come out for the 2013 Winter season over the next several weeks. I’ll also have a guest blogger review some of their favorite gear of the Season. Continue reading

Flat Runner

Before a big race, I go through a ritual (handed down by my running friends) of laying out my entire running gear, taking a picture, and posting it on Facebook. Now, I couldn’t post my Philly Flat Runner because it was a secret marathon, but you bet your sweet cheeks that I took my Flat Runner photo for good luck. Well, I guess it’s for good luck, it could be just a way to make sure you have everything ready the day before the race. Not sure how this phenomenon came about, but I’m starting to be come superstitious about it.

Flat Runner Collage

Do you make a Flat Runner before race? Is there a ritual that you have to go do before each race to ensure that you’ve got good running juju?

Power of the skirt!

When I first started running, my gear consisted of old gym shoes, black sweat pants, and a t-shirt. With the exception of the shoes, it worked. However, having my own business in the fashion and entertainment industry, I’m pretty conscious about image and I have to say that looking frumpy wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the sweat and blotchy red face, and of course the occasional snot that freezes to your cheek in the winter. And when I go to the gym, I would rather wear sweats pants (never shorts) and a big ol’ baggy shirt, but for running…I’d rather put a little style into my gear. Hey, if I’m going look like a sock monkey while I’m running, I might as well wear something cute. Lord knows you can’t pick your shoe color if you wear a size 9.5W – you get what you get. Continue reading