MCM Training – Week 7 (Track workout – From Gucci to Brooks)

Tuesday’s track workout was pretty much uneventful. I thought we were going to get rained out with thunder storms, but that didn’t happen. Secretly, I kinda wish it did. I was tired.

Anyway, we ran the following workout:

  • 1 mile marathon pace
  • 1 mile half marathon pace
  • 1 mile 10k pace
  • 1 mile marathon pace

We could’ve added a mile 5k pace, but Meg and I decided to do the beginner program instead. During the run I was getting a sharp pain shooting up my big toe through the what is my soon to be bunion area. Ahhh…the effects of wearing stiletto heels all day had set in.

There comes a time in a woman’s life when her feet changes. I hear pregnancy does it, and so does weight loss. What about running? Since I started running, I went from a size 9 to a size 8.5 wide. Yes, running gave me Fred Flintstone feet. My running shoes are 9.5W, but we all know to size up for running shoes. My physical therapist told me from day one to get out of my heels and wear flats because my Achilles tendon was so short and tight, that it was on the verge of injury. Noooooo! My beautiful sexy stilettos! All of them!!! Put away in their boxes, collecting dust.


Every time I try to squeeze my Flinstone feet into a pair of my Gucci’s or YSL’s, I’m reminded that my feet will never be the same. And frankly, they love being in my Brooks. It’s a shame that my Brooks don’t give me that sexy strut in my business suit, but boy do they cradle and comfort my stone age feet.

Am I the only one who has had to give up her high-heeled babies??

Next run – tempo run, bright and early tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “MCM Training – Week 7 (Track workout – From Gucci to Brooks)

  1. the pads of our feet wear out, the cushion of our knees thin. Thankfully, the 5 inch heel is being replaced with the 2-3 inch heel in the fashion forward world. Wear the knock outs for a special occasion, the lower ones for the office

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