MCM Training – Four Days Left – Don’t Reach for Toilet Paper.

Last night was the last track workout of this training season. I almost didn’t make it. In fact, an incident yesterday morning had me in a panic and for a moment, I thought my race was jeopardized. Yesterday morning, I threw my back out while I was in the bathroom…and just so you know, I was not in the shower. I made a reach for the toilet paper and BAM! Wonked out back.

The pain shot through my entire body and literally took my breath away as if someone punched me and knocked the wind out of me. In a flash, I saw my MCM finish vanish into thin air. How was I going to run 26.2 miles if I can’t even get my butt off the toilet seat?! I got myself together and calmed myself down. Eventually, with the help of a quick massage from my husband, I was able to get to work uncomfortably. Of course I messaged and emailed ALL of my running buddies. Through their help, I was able to get in to see a physical therapist later that afternoon.

The PT assessed me and told me that one of my vertebrae was misaligned and I had a muscle spasm. He made an adjustment and you could hear it pop back into place. It was the sweetest sound that I could’ve heard yesterday. He worked out the muscle spasm and I was 75% better than I was when I walked in <insert sounds of the choir singing here>. He gave me the okay to try the track workout, which was a very easy 3 miles, and instructed me to stop the minute I felt something tighten up. Guess what, I was fine! Later in the evening, I my back did start to tighten, so I did some Yin Yoga (seriously people…you need to look into Yin if you haven’t already) and went to bed. I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. I’m not 100%, but I know I can run 26.2 miles as I am. This morning I worked out with my personal trainer who paid special attention to my back and actually helped it improve even more.

We only have four days left and it feels like an eternity. I’m not dealing with taper this year as well as I did last year, physically and mentally. Maybe it’s the whole turning 40 thing. If it is, 40 can suck it. On a good note, last night’s track workout was what I needed. A nice slow jog around the track with a couple of sole sisters talking about our game plan for Sunday.


11 thoughts on “MCM Training – Four Days Left – Don’t Reach for Toilet Paper.

  1. we are living the same life. this morning i wake up with a dull pain in my foot. of course, i am googling everything. it all sounds bad. really bad. it’s not bad. i’m sure i wouldn’t even have noticed it if we weren’t 4 days away. i calmed myself down, took some advil, and canceled my plans for tonight- i’m going to sit on the couch and rest it. gotta be safe, right?

    im ready for all of my paranoia to be over with! it’s so true when they say during taper “you are the most safe you have ever been in your whole life”. haha.

    glad your back is better! πŸ˜€

  2. Three days before my first half, I went on a group trail run with my running club. and rolled BOTH ankles, one after the other, in the last mile back to our cars! Neither was a game-ender, but I’m sure that contributed as much ( or at least a lot) as my last-minute decision to run 13.1 miles barefoot on a beach, to my not being able to run at all for two months after the race.

    So glad you got in to see the PT, who knows what might have happened if you had done MCM without that adjustment! All things work for His purposes, we just have to go with the flow. Looking forward to seeing your race recap!

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