Yes! We Are All Celebrities!

When Runner’s World’s article about celebrities who finished the NYC Marathon popped up in my Facebook newsfeed, I just had to see how I compared. Well, my time for my first marathon last year (4:56) was better than Pamela Anderson first marathon, who came in at 5:41. Supermodel Christy Turlington Burns’ time was better than mine at 4:35, and former NY Rangers player and 1994 Stanley Cup Champion Nick Kypreos’ time of 4:43 beat my MCM time by a minute. Oh and of course, I have yet to beat Oprah’s MCM time of 4:29.

It’s funny when I see or read in the news about celebrities running marathons, it irks me just a little. The media makes it out to be such a big deal. Well you know what? It’s a big deal to every runner out there, not just celebrities. Now, while I probably didn’t look as sexy as Pamela Anderson did as she ran the marathon (because you know she looks sexy doing anything), it’s nice to know see that she felt the glorious marathon pain and life changing sense of accomplishment that we do when we cross the finish line. She, along with all the other celebrities who have ran a marathon, is now one of us. They have trained hard, put in their time, felt the pain, and proven themselves worthy of being called a marathoner.


Oh yes Pamela…I can relate.


So listen there media outlets! All of us deserve to be celebrated and our individual names mentioned when we run a marathon. It’s hard work, for all of us! And when we cross that finish line, we are all celebrities!

8 thoughts on “Yes! We Are All Celebrities!

  1. Oh PAAALEASE! Pamela has nothing on you Sole Sister and you will always be a celebrity in my book. Lets plan a run together in the future!

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