HAT 50K Training – Week ?? (Slacker Mode)

I had every intention of getting up early, going to the gym and getting my alternate track workout done on the treadmill. And I didn’t. I got up early and then fell back asleep. Slacker. Then I decided that I would at least get hill training in after a couple of conference calls and that didn’t happen either. Slacker. I had every intention of finishing up a couple of product reviews that I have going on and it didn’t happen. Slacker. I talk about motivation, dedication, hard work, discipline and today the only productive thing that I did in relation to my training is yoga. Can you say Slaaaacker? And guess what? I ate donuts too. <sigh> There goes my clean eating.

I have found that winter training does not agree with me. This is the first winter where I had a serious goal and was healthy enough to train for it. I’m fighting the urge to be in hibernation mode and it’s so freaking hard! It’s snowing outside, we’ve got the wood stove blazing and all I want to do is drink red wine and eat Cheetos!

I look at all of these motivational images that I have on my Pinterest, like this one:

champs aren't made

and I say to myself…SLACKER!  I have a desire, a dream, and a vision, but today…nothing.

Am I the only one that goes throw this? I’ve got some serious running to do this week and look at me!

6 thoughts on “HAT 50K Training – Week ?? (Slacker Mode)

  1. No, you are not the only one! I have 12 weeks to get in shape for this trail ultra I signed up for, and I can barely convince myself to go outside at all! Yeah, there was that marathon I just ran a few days ago, but the soreness is gone now, so what’s the excuse? Let me sing a chorus of “Slacker!” with you, kid…you are definitely NOT alone.

    • haha! Thanks Nick! At least you’re supposed to be taking it easy and recovering. I feel like I should be at the peak of my training. Gotta shake it off and get my head back in the game. Oh, and would you please pass me another doughnut? The chocolate one 🙂

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