HAT RUN 50K Training – Week 8 Part 2 (Happy Place)

Went out yesterday for a 2 hour run on the road and trails and it was fantastic.  Kendra and I haven’t been able to run together in a long time and it felt like coming home to run with your sister who you haven’t seen in ages. We were both in our happy places. We caught up with what has been going on at home and we talked about how much we actually liked trail running…yes, it’s really growing on me. We talked about how we were worried that we were going to get bored with road running with marathon training season began.

I took this picture of Kendra while we were running. It is unfiltered and perfect. The best part of being at the back of the pack is seeing and having the ability to capture your friends enjoying their happy places. With the exception of the picture of me and Kendra crossing the finish line in Philly, below are other unfiltered pictures I’ve been fortunate enough to capture.

kendra's happy place

white hot and passionate 2

Zen of Running



I pity the people who miss out of some of the best views in life. Do they realize what they’re missing?

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