HAT 50K Training – Week 13 (The Brunch Run)

I switched up my long and short run this weekend to accommodate weather that we didn’t get. Yesterday I ran a glorious 7 miles out on the road with Bern. The hills weren’t as bad as they used to be and we kept a steady easy pace of about 10:50. It was great to catch up with her and felt good to get out of the house and stretch my legs.Β 

me and bern 2

Today, I met up with Kendra for about a 10 mile/2 hour run in Loch Raven. While it was a cold start we finally warmed up. The sun was out and Loch Raven was showing off it’s looks.


We ran from Morgan Mill to the Iron Horse Tavern and back. Well, sort of. On our way back of our first loop, we stopped at Providence Road for a quick drink when a stupid, stupid idea popped in my little pea brain…”Hey, we should run back to the Tavern and get brunch then run all the way back to our cars.” Of course Kendra rarely turns down a good meal and so turned around and headed back to the Tavern.

Our happy hungry faces before brunch.

me and kendra before brunch


Note to self: DO NOT eat a full breakfast in the middle of a long run. If you’re dumb enough to try that again, make sure you have Tums with you.

I don’t know what we were thinking. When we finished and got back on the road we knew instantly we did a stupid thing. Our bodies cooled down, our legs were heavy, and our stomachs were way too full to run all the way back. Just so you know, I had scrambled eggs, toast, breakfast potatoes, turkey sausage, fruit, oh and a mimosa (go ahead, shake your head). We decided we would walk up the hills and run the rest. HA! While we did manage to run I would say a little more half of the way back, we walked more than we really wanted. I was getting a side stitch and burping my eggs and turkey sausage and Kendra was feeling the affects of her Bloody Mary. We couldn’t get back to Kendra’s car fast enough to get to her stash of Tums.


All in all, it was still a great run. The sun was out, we had great conversation, and we saw a lot of friends along the way. I think we’ve both learned our lesson about eating a full on brunch in the middle of a run and won’t be doing that at again (I think).

9 thoughts on “HAT 50K Training – Week 13 (The Brunch Run)

  1. Nothing wrong with eating during a run, as long as you stay on your feet. Found your blog the other day looking for more information on the HAT. My training has been terrible the last few months but you inspired me to go out and run 20 yesterday. Thanks!

    • Yeah…I think sitting down really made it worse. Congratulations on the 20 miles yesterday! Training has been really tough this season, so getting a nice long run like that in is fantastic. Glad to have you here! One month to go!

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