HAT 50K Training – The Final Countdown – 5 Days Until Race Day

It’s official. These past few days I settled in to the taper blues losing my motivation and excitement for the race. We had a nice 1 hour and 45 minute run on the course on Saturday and it was tough. No, really…it was HARD! My Achilles were very tight and the hills might as well have been mountains. Parts of the course were very slippery and the mud, well you know how I feel about mud. How am I going to run 50K like this???  I don’t feel prepared. I know that I am, but I just don’t feel it.

I adore the support that I’ve been getting from folks who follow my Facebook page and the support from my Charm City Run training group. I don’t know how I could train for something like this without them.

This week will be easy on me physically, well except for the stupid phantom taper aches and pains. I’ll stick to mostly cross-training and log in a few miles here and there. The challenge will be making sure my nutrition is on par and I’m keeping myself hydrated. The biggest challenge is to stay outside of my head. If I allow myself to over think things and let doubt set in and allow myself to stress eat, then I might as well be prepared for a shitty run.

I saw this picture on Facebook (originally created by FreshCleanFit) and have decided that Saturday, I’m not running in a race. I’m going on an ADVENTURE! An adventure of 31.6 miles of fun! It’s going to be okay. I know that. I have to believe that. Besides, all I need to do is finish, right? I’ve got this, right?

adventure run








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25 thoughts on “HAT 50K Training – The Final Countdown – 5 Days Until Race Day

  1. ultra running takes patience and spirit, a love for nature and knowing when to eat:-) ultra running has literally changed my life. I’m friends with Meghan..I met you and some of your friends at the Baltimore marathon in 2013. actually you girls gave me ride out of the city! success equals patience, hydration, fuel, and desire. I wish you the best of luck..it’s totally fucking worth it.

  2. you’re going to do great- remember how scary a marathon seemed? then you did it and it wasn’t so bad. then you did another. in fact, you did 2 back to back in 2013! i bet this will be the same- you just gotta get one under your belt and then it won’t seem like a big deal at all. I’m rooting for you! if there are any types of runner tracking for this ‘adventure’- post it so i can track you! 🙂

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