HAT 50K Training – The Final Countdown – 5 Days Until Race Day

It’s official. These past few days I settled in to the taper blues losing my motivation and excitement for the race. We had a nice 1 hour and 45 minute run on the course on Saturday and it was tough. No, really…it was HARD! My Achilles were very tight and the hills might as well have been mountains. Parts of the course were very slippery and the mud, well you know how I feel about mud. How am I going to run 50K like this???  I don’t feel prepared. I know that I am, but I just don’t feel it. Continue reading

Tapering – Mistakes to Avoid and Nutrition

Tapering during a marathon can make or break race results. Tapering is when you cut back on your mileage a couple of weeks before your race to rest the body so that it can perform on race day. “Reducing your total weekly volume by 20 to 25 percent during this week gives your body a chance to recover from all that hard work by restocking depleted glycogen supplies and repairing tissue damage.” {source} Continue reading

Put Me in a Plastic Bubble! I’m Tapering!

Why is it that everytime I get close to a race that’s important to me EVERYONE around me is sick?!?! The folks in the office are sick…almost ALL of them, my nephew is sick, and last night my husband tells me he is sick, AFTER I gave him a quick kiss. He said, “uh-oh…forgot to tell you I’m getting sick. I have a sore throat.” WHAT?????!!!! Are you kidding me?! Couldn’t tell me this BEFORE you gave me your germs? Continue reading