Here We Go Again – HAT Run 50K 2015 Race Day Eve

It’s hard to believe that this time last year I was prepping for my very first ultramarthon. I had no idea that a year later that the same race will turn into just a little ol’ training run to prepare for longer distances ahead. So much can happen during the course of a year…SO MUCH! I haven’t given much thought to the HAT Run simply because I’ve been busy trying to get my life in order. And work, well you know…that always sucks. I’d like to say “Hey work…going through a divorce here…give me some slack and slow the F down please! Oh yeah, and I’m trying to train too!” Sometimes I wish I had a big ol’ pause button so that I can just take a moment and breathe. I’m looking forward to running with my girls tomorrow. We’ve been chattering all day about what we’re going to wear and the stupid crap weather that just dumped snow, rain, and sleet over the last 24 hours on our glorious trail. Tomorrow’s run is gonna suck. It’ll be muddy and cold in the morning and then muddy and warm later in the day. Mud = ew.

The HAT Course is a tough one. The course features nearly 7,200 feet of climbing. There is a starting loop of 3.6 miles followed by two identical loops of 13.7 miles. There are 4 stream crossings and I can tell you that last year, I pretty much ran the entire thing with wet soggy feet. If you compare that to the JFK50 Miler that I did back in November which had an elevation gain of 2077 ft in 50 miles…well, this course is a hell of a lot harder. Training hasn’t been perfect for me, but it never really is. I’m going to have to dig deep on this one, real deep. I’m a little concerned about how I’m going to feel tomorrow and I’m hoping once again that the running gods will have mercy on me, although I’ve been using up a lot of “get out of jail” cards with the running gods lately. I’ve been struggling with hydration this week and my legs have been really crampy. My right ankle hasn’t been perfect and it bothers me most of the time. But, what can I do? I’m going to run the damned race and I’m going to have fun with it. I got my flat runner together, my drop bag mostly packed, and my Garmin ready to go. What I’m missing is my Plow On gum. Somewhere along the line with my moving, I either left it or I ate my entire supply. Oh well…nothing I can do about it now. Here’s to the first ultra of 2015 and to a hell of a good time in the crappy mud! (ew, just ew). flat runner

7 thoughts on “Here We Go Again – HAT Run 50K 2015 Race Day Eve

  1. Sorry you’ll be missing your gum. (no pals have a supply or can you get someone to bring it to the race?)

    Definitely ew with the mud, but you’ve got your badass ultrarunner shirt going on….give you strength!

    Hope you have a terrific race with your friends and enjoy the time together. I’ll try to remember to send you some good vibes while I’m doing my long run.

    • RIGHT?! I hope someone at the race will have some for me. I’m also hoping there’s some stashed in my car some where. I need my secret weapon. Thank you so much! Need all the good vibes I can get! MUAH!

  2. Have a fun race! Mud is gross, but makes ya feel so badass 🙂 I had never heard of Plow On Gum before… sounds interesting. Maybe a fellow racer with have some Juicy Fruit to take its place.

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