Chasing Fast Boys (Training Recap – 2/15/16 – 2/21/16)

When you want to be fast, you gotta run with the fast. This week, I was chasing fast boys and barely keeping up. My target mileage for this week was 44 miles. I ran 37 leaving me short 7 miles. We had another winter blast that came in on Tuesday and with my work schedule, I just couldn’t make the run happen indoors or out. While the missed mileage wasn’t ideal, I did nail some of the runs that I did get in.


My best run was the progressive run on Wednesday. I completely nailed it. While I thought I started out too fast in the beginning, I realized afterwards that I was capable of pushing harder than I thought. When I got to a 8:12 mile on my last mile, I thought I was gonna die. But I didn’t and I can’t wait to do it again. I took this run to the road, but I hope someday to get as close to this as I can on the trails. Dream big, right?

Saturday’s 20 miler was a heck of a run. We went to Susquehanna State Park to run on the HAT50k Run course and had over 3300 feet of elevation change. One of the crew was running late so the slower paced folks decided to get a head start. I stood there wondering if I should go with them or go with fast boys that were waiting around. I used to be a back of the pack runner, but now I’m pretty much a solid mid-pack girl. I was torn because I didn’t know which way to go. Lag behind, or have an easy warm up.

I decided to stay with the fast pack and hoped I could keep up. I didn’t. As we started the run and up this ginormous hill, I knew that I was going to be trailing off soon. And after a few miles in, they were way ahead of me. I did keep them in my sights, but I was no where near as close as I wish I could have been.

Eventually we caught up with the slower paced group and I met up with another mid-packer who went ahead with the first group. I was glad to have company and grateful to share the misery of the hills with someone.


PC: Alex Harris

The entire run I was chasing fast boys, desperately trying to keep up. Each time we’d catch up to them (they waited for us at each cross-section), they’d take off and I was left cursing my heavy leaded legs for not turning over faster.

I have a lot of work to do with both hills and speed. I’m working as hard as I can, but I need to push harder. My measly little progressive run isn’t going to be enough. I need to get myself to the point where that is an easy pace for me.


PC: Alex Harris

It will happen. I’m going to put in the effort and get better, much better. Soon the boys will be chasing me and eating my dirt and I’ll be the one to lead the way.


6 thoughts on “Chasing Fast Boys (Training Recap – 2/15/16 – 2/21/16)

  1. Cursing heavy leaded legs… a need to work on hills and speed… must push harder… it’s like looking {reading?} into a mirror.
    That said you are running considerably more miles that I am! Your 20 is like my 6!

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