Redemption Run

There’s nothing more glorious than a redemption run after having the confidence knocked out of you. And today was redemption day.

We headed out to my happy place at Gunpowder Falls for 12 miles. We took the pink trail which starts with a climb. I settled in with my mid-pack but then something happened at about mile 2 or 3. It clicked.

For some reason, everything came together. I don’t know where it came from, but I had power in my legs and I welcomed that long lost feeling of being strong. I ran up every climb that we had, passing the fast kids at times, and I kept a steady pace all the way through.

redemption run 2

I could go on and on about how wonderful today’s run was, but I don’t think I have to. I’m sure you know. I’m sure you’ve been there. I’m sure you too have experienced the redemption run.

Today I kept up with the fast kids.
Today I did not fall behind.
Today I was strong and powerful.
Today I felt redeemed.

redemption run 3

I don’t know what tomorrow’s run will bring. And I don’t know what’s going to happen on race day. But I do know that when I toe the line on March 19th I will make it a point to remember my redemption run. Remember the power I had, remember the feeling of ease as I glided up the hills. And when it gets hard, I will remind myself…I can do this. I am good enough. I do have what it takes.

Today I was good. But most importantly, today I FELT GREAT! Now is the time for me to start visualizing race day. I will visualize the climbs and me gliding up them strong and steady. I will visualize me picking up my pace on the flats, and I will visualize me crossing the finish line in under 7 hours. And most of all, I will visualize the smile on my face as I do what I love most….run.

redemption run


10 thoughts on “Redemption Run

  1. love a redemption run – especially when they come out of nowhere and all of a sudden you feel like a gazelle on speed 🙂 Great post! Happy running – keep it up!

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