(shhhh….I listen to Mmmbop….on purpose!)

A friend of mine posted on her FB page that she was listening to an teen-bop-80’s song that came up on the radio and my response was (shhhh…I listen to Mmmbop….on purpose). Face it, we all have our guilty pleasure songs on our playlist and one of mine happens to be “Mmmbop” by Hanson. Yeah, yeah…there’s the obligatory Eminem song to put a little fire in your step, and of course we ALLLLL have “Eye of the Tiger” (admit it…you do), but there’s always that one song (or two) that you have on your list that you wouldn’t want anyone else to know.

It’s weird that I’m very possessive about my playlists. Although I share a song from time to time on FB, I won’t dare share the entire list. And yes, I get miffed when I hear someone else say that they have one of my songs on their list. HOW DARE THEY?! IT’S MY SONG, MY MUSIC! It’s as if they’ll steal my fire if they listen to the same songs I listen to. WHY WOULD THEY STEAL MY FIRE?! Okay Sandy, breathe. My mother tried to teach me long ago that I’m supposed to share, and so this season, I will share my playlists (most of it anyway). Maybe…

What’s your secret guilty pleasure song on your playlist?

Oh…and just so that you go on the rest of your day with this song in your head, here’s the grown up acoustic version of Mmmbop! You’re very welcome!

5 thoughts on “(shhhh….I listen to Mmmbop….on purpose!)

  1. I can’t say I have a song on my list I wouldn’t want to tell people about, but I do have some songs that I only listen to on runs because hearing the language. I should probably just get the instrumental version.

    I also don’t have Eye of the Tiger. Maybe one day.

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