MCM Training – Week 10 Wrap-up (Track, Athletes Serving Athletes Training Run, & 20 Mile Prep)

I’m here! I’m here! Sorry, it’s been a pretty crazy week and I’ve slacked off on my blogging a little bit. Putting in 12 – 16 hour days at the office just doesn’t leave much time for writing. The few moments I have free are dedicated to eating, sleeping, and running. So, let’s catch up! Continue reading

MCM Training – Week 10 Long Run, Part 2 (10.44 miles – Applause!)

What can I say? Another beautiful morning and another fantastic run! I cherish these runs and embrace them because I know the next run might not be so great. After the past couple weeks, I really needed a weekend like this and I truly feel blessed to have been given it. I was actually very emotional when I told my husband how I wish he could experience feeling so good. He has serious back problems and is in pain all the time and I would give him a years worth of excellent runs for him to feel this way just for a moment. Everyone deserves to feel this good. Continue reading

One stop shop for recommended products and playlists

I quickly put together a page on my blog for items that either I or runners I know recommend. I’ve also included a category for playlist songs which I will add to frequently (I’ve got tons, just don’t have time to add them all at once). The link is below, but you can find the page to the right at anytime.

Hope this is helpful!

(shhhh….I listen to Mmmbop….on purpose!)

A friend of mine posted on her FB page that she was listening to an teen-bop-80’s song that came up on the radio and my response was (shhhh…I listen to Mmmbop….on purpose). Face it, we all have our guilty pleasure songs on our playlist and one of mine happens to be “Mmmbop” by Hanson. Yeah, yeah…there’s the obligatory Eminem song to put a little fire in your step, and of course we ALLLLL have “Eye of the Tiger” (admit it…you do), but there’s always that one song (or two) that you have on your list that you wouldn’t want anyone else to know. Continue reading