And There You Have it – I’m Sick.

Currently in Baltimore, it’s a beautiful November morning, clear skies and a comfortable 65 degrees. The trees are turning and the colors of the leaves are just gorgeous! And what am I doing? After spending the morning at Patient First, I’m hunkered down in bed with a sinus infection, which started out as an innocent post-marathon cold. Now, I thought I was going to get sick before the marathon and I was lucky enough to ward that off. But, now I’ve succumbed to it. The problem is, my weak asthmatic lungs always feel the need to be included when I get sick. So my normal “sick” cycle is cold > sinus infection > bronchitis. Happens every time. Last time this happened was in January and I was down for three months, went through three cycles of prednisone, and missed the D.C. Rock and Roll Half Marathon. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN AGAIN! Ultra marathon training will be coming up quickly and I need to make sure I’m cross training and getting some miles in before it starts. Continue reading