MCM Training – Week 12 (Long run – 10 Miles of Peacefulness)

What a beautiful run this morning! The air was crisp, humidity low, and view spectacular (we’ll talk about the view in just a moment).


Would you like to know my stats? SO WOULD I! This is what I get when I forget to charge my Garmin.


And wanna know what I had for nutrition on my run? Oooops! I consumed all of my GU during last week’s 20-miler and had nothing in my cabinet. I found this and decided, why the hell not.


Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Anyway, as I said earlier, the view during today’s run was just beautiful. I’ve seen this view before and it always takes my breath away. One of the best parts of training is that if forces you to get up early when you just don’t wanna and it gives you the opportunity to see the world in stillness when all is quiet. I’m sure your days are just as hectic as mine and finding that little bit of quiet when all you hear is the sound of your breath, feet, perhaps laughter and chit chat from your running friends just brings you peace. The photo below was taken this morning. Simply beautiful.


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