Back to Training – And it Feels Oh So Good!

It’s been exactly two weeks since I completed the JFK50 miler. Going into the race, I swore that I would take off of running and start back again in January. I was burnt out physically and mentally of non-stop training over the past…well geez…I guess it’s three years now. I was content with giving it a break and was looking forward to it.

Within a week, I signed up for the HAT50K coming up in March, the NorthFace Endurance Challenge DC – 50 miler coming up in April, and booked my plane ticket and committed to the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim run in May. Yep, three ultras in three months. Up until today, I hadn’t ran anymore than four to five miles in a given day since the 50-miler and I was fine with that. My legs recovered by day three, but I was just plain tired after a short run.

Today was the first training run of the Charm City Run Ultramarthon Training Group. Again, I had no exceptions and didn’t think I’d complete the 2.5 hour scheduled trail run. Didn’t think I was ready to put that much time on my feet just yet and I was fine with it.

But you know what, I f’n crushed it! When I got out there I felt AMAZING and took the hills head on with no issues. It was liberating to get out there to my happy place with my happy people and soak up all the glory that the trail has to give. And, I soak in every last drop. I was completely stoned on runners high. I was intoxicated with the fresh air and the sound of my breath and the sound of my feet on the leaves. I was completely drunk with adrenaline pumping through my veins. And when we stopped…I wanted to keep going and my body was ready to keep going.

THIS is what it’s all about. THESE are the runs we chase after day after day, week after week, shitty run after shitty run. THIS is why I fucking love running. I’m back ya’ll…I’m SO back!

trail run 12062014

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