HAT Run 50K Training – Week 5 (30% is Better than 0%)

Well, this is going to be a quick one. Today’s goal was 3.5 hours, or about 17 – 19 miles on the trail, but a snow storm came through yesterday leaving the back roads to the trail icy and dangerous. So instead, we took it out on the roads. Being that it was only 7 degrees, our coach told us to do what we could and we would make adjustments during Week 6. We ran 6.25 miles for about an hour and 10 minutes which only gave us 30% of what we were scheduled to do. You know what? It’s okay. Training through the winter months can be tough when mother nature doesn’t cooperate, so you’ve got to be flexible. While I had the energy to go further, I was tired of dealing with frozen boogers on my nose hairs. Every time I sniffed, my nostrils would stick together. I know, not very lady like, but it is what it is. Continue reading

HAT 50K Training – New Year’s Day Training Run (Trying to Make It Come Together and Trying to Eat Clean)

Couldn’t have started the New Year off any better way than a run on the trails with my training group! The trails were Goldilocks…you know not too muddy, not to frozen…just right! So was the weather, well as nice as you can get in the winter. I went out ready to do this and then BAM!

I'm okay collage Continue reading

HAT Run 50K – Week 2 (The Slush Can Suck It!)

Okay, let’s try this again. I initially wrote this post on Sunday in a Word document and as I was ready to transfer it over to WordPress, my laptop crashed. And I don’t mean, just shut down…I mean the hard drive completely blew up. It also happened to my spare laptop. Both have been sent back to HP for repairs and I’m glad they’re still under warranty.

Anyway, my post was a little longer when I originally wrote it, but I have since forgotten most of it. It’s amazing how just a little bit of time makes you forget details that you thought were initially important. Lucky you, this is going to be short.

Sunday’s run was great, except for the stupid slush. Ya’ll know I hate wet feet, but what I hate worse than wet feet is freezing cold wet feet. Thirteen minutes in of schlepping through the slush, both feet were wet and cold. I eventually couldn’t feel my feet but my SmartWool socks did a decent job of keeping me from getting frostbite. It’s funny, I was telling some of the folks in my training group that this training is going to knock the prissy little girl right out of me. Last week I was “ew” or “gross” with every muddy step, this week it was more like “ew” or “gross” with every other slushy muddy step. Progress. Continue reading