MCM Training Week 5 (13 miles…thank goodness for training groups!)

It’s funny that last night when I started to write about group training vs. individual training, I had no idea that group training would mean so much more for me during today’s run than ever before. Due to scheduling conflicts, my usual running buddies couldn’t make the training run.

I have to admit, I’m a social butterfly. Even when I’m by myself, thanks to social networks, I’m constantly interacting with people. When I started running, I did it with friends. When I decided to train for a half marathon, I joined a training group. When I decided to train for a full marathon, I wouldn’t even consider not being in a group. As determined as I am, I’m lazy and I find that being in a training group with a set schedule and an experienced, knowledgeable coach who you can consult regularly keeps me honest and makes me more accountable for my training. Continue reading