Definition of Grit – Courage and resolve; strength of character.

Grit. That’s all I could think of when my partner in crime, Kendra, decided that she was going to run a solo marathon. She was supposed to run the Baltimore Marathon with me and Megs this weekend, but plans changed when something came up and she had to cancel out on the race. Life happens. We know that. But, when you’ve got grit, you don’t just hang up your shoes and quit. You get your ass out there an you run your marathon, even if it is alone.

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Runners Inspiring Runners – Georgene

I can’t say enough nice things about Georgene. I met Georgene through a mutual friend in our Charm City Run training group. She welcomed me with open, caring arms and I knew that I just added another sole sister to my running family. Georgene’s story has inspired so many in our training group and when you read it, you’ll understand why. Georgene is a fighter and a survivor. She is genuine and she will go out of her way to be there for you when you need her. Below is our interview. Continue reading

Runners Inspiring Runners – Katy C.

It’s funny, but I knew of Katy long before I actually met Katy. We had a mutual friend so I would hear about her and sometimes see her in passing at races. When we finally met, I liked her in an instant. I love her perseverance and her unrelenting determination. I was so impressed and SO PROUD when she knocked of 41 minutes off of her personal marathon best in one training season! 41 MINUTES!!!! Unbelievable! How can you not be inspired by that?! I knew instantly she was an inspiring runner and I had to include her in my RIR series. Check out our interview below. Continue reading

Runners Inspiring Runners – Jamie Hart

There things happen in your life or people you meet who have survived tragedies that make you grateful for all that you have. Today, I am grateful, very grateful. This week I met someone who survived an amazing tragedy and guess what…he’s still running.

I’d like to introduce you to Jamie Hart. Less than 3 years ago, he survived a gunshot wound to the head, lost his eye and endured 8 reconstructive surgeries, including a peek implant. In his journey to recovery, he rediscovered running and said to me, “Strangely I don’t know if I would take my pain/journey back since I have rediscovered running and the joy to test one’s limits.” Continue reading

Runners Inspiring Runners – Gelcys aka Cheetah

Did I tell you how much I love doing my Runners Inspiring Runners series?! While reading other running blogs, I came across Runner Unleashed. Immediately I was drawn into her story. I had planned on sending my typical amateurish interview questions, but that wouldn’t do her justice. Her story must be told in her own words, in her own way. Continue reading

Runners Inspiring Runners – Krissy Schintgen

So far my Runners Inspiring Runners series have been about runners that I personally know. As my reader-base grows, I’m meeting more and more runners and am inspired by their stories. I’d like to introduce you to one of my readers who has a very inspiring story, Krissy Schintgen, who started running despite suffering two strokes. Continue reading