Friday Tip of the Week – Run Faster with Strength Exercises

The HAT Run 50k training has me really wanting to find a routine to build stronger legs. Stronger legs equal faster speed. I found this fantastic video on Runners World’s website. I remember doing these exercises years ago with my trainer, but I haven’t done them lately. Guess what’s getting added back into the routine. Enjoy!

The Importance of a Recovery Run

As I sit here with a heating pad on my back, I’m now realizing that no matter how tired I was on Sunday, I should’ve went out for a recovery run. After speaking with my personal trainer/coach, apparently, Saturday’s long run took a harder toll on my body than I thought. And being sedentary on Sunday allowed for my muscles, in particular my back, to stiffen up. Because of this, I will now have to skip tonight’s track workout (partner 800s) and tomorrow’s personal training session. Continue reading