HAT 50K Training – Week 10 (Seriously over Winter!)

Winter makes me lazy and winter weather sometimes puts a wrench in training. This past weekend we were scheduled for a 3.5 hour run out on the trails. Mother Nature decided to dump enough snow to take the trail running out on the roads. So, we schlepped up and down Loch Raven until it started to snow again. Kendra and I decided to cut the run short at 13.65 miles when we noticed the roads starting to feel a little slick. Ok, so I know I’ve got a few New Englanders reading my posts and they would scoff at the “dusting” that we got, but where I am you might as well call a dusting a blizzard. The drivers here are pretty much idiots and it’s every man for themselves. Anyway…it snowed, road felt slick, we stopped. Continue reading

Baby It’s Cold Outside! (Cold Weather Gear and Other Tips for Winter Running)

Well, it happened. The cold weather has reared it’s ugly head and now I have to transition my summer gear to my winter gear. I remember when I first started running, it was in the winter time, and boy did I get it all wrong. I remember going out with two layers of sweatpants, three layers of shirts (all long sleeved, once was a fleece), PLUS a coat, hat, gloves, and double socks. It was no wonder that I was burning up after the first mile. Continue reading