Friday’s Tip of the Week – Hip for Runners (I know I’m a day late)

I know! I know! I was supposed to post this yesterday and life got in the way. My bad! Last Saturday’s long run really played a number on my hips. So I did what I typically do when body body yells at me…I find a way to fine tune that area.

Here is a short video with 10 great exercises for your hips. If you suffer from IT band issues, these exercises should help in that area too.

  • The Clam
  • Lateral Leg Raises
  • Donkey Kicks
  • Donkey Whips
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Hurdle Drill
  • Theraband Balance Drill
  • Standing Hip Flexor
  • Standing Hip Abductor
  • Hip Hikes

Friday’s Tip of the Week: Ankle Strengthening Exercises

As a trail runner, I’ve learned that I have to pay special attention to my ankles to help maneuver the rough terrain. Here are 8 ankle exercises from WikiHow that you can do to strengthen your ankles. You can actually do some of these at your desk if you work in the office.

The detailed instructions can be found here. Continue reading

Friday’s Tip of the Week – Running Hills

All this talk about running hills and how difficult it is has me thinking, is there something that I should be doing to help me get up those doggone hills? Well, I turned to my best online friend…Google, and found this video “How to Run Hills with Coach Jenny Hadfield.”

Some of the tips she offers are:

  • Open your stride
  • Lean into it from your ankles
  • Land with your foot just behind your hips – rather than under your hips
  • Relax and let go and let gravity pull you down

I’m going to give it a try tomorrow and see how it goes. Hope this helps!

Baby It’s Cold Outside! (Cold Weather Gear and Other Tips for Winter Running)

Well, it happened. The cold weather has reared it’s ugly head and now I have to transition my summer gear to my winter gear. I remember when I first started running, it was in the winter time, and boy did I get it all wrong. I remember going out with two layers of sweatpants, three layers of shirts (all long sleeved, once was a fleece), PLUS a coat, hat, gloves, and double socks. It was no wonder that I was burning up after the first mile. Continue reading