Race Weekend Lesson’s Learned

I always like to take a look back at races or long runs to reflect on what I can improve on next time. While I really enjoyed the Charles Street 12, there were definitely some lessons learned.

Lessons Learned:

  • If you are going to wear your Garmin during the race, turn it on.
  • It’s okay to run with a friend who is at a different pace, but once your body starts to reject that pace, listen to your body. Your friend will understand because they get it…they run too.
  • Always be sure to warm up before and stretch afterwards.
  • Know the warning signs of dehydration, which was the most important lesson learned of the day.

So, let’s talk about dehydration and how to stay hydrated. Continue reading

MCM Training – Rest & Recovery

Dear Sleep,

I know I’ve been neglecting you for a very long time, but please don’t think I don’t love you. I miss you so much and I’m doing my best to spend more time with you every night. I know you are so good for me, all of me, but life gets in the way. I promise that I’ll keep trying to give you more of my time. Please don’t give up on me.

With all my mind, body, and soul,
Sandy Continue reading